A haunted Washburn guitar

from: but two at that price

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=33048&item=7313039072&rd=1 "This guitar has been every were with me, it is in great condition, there is alot of history in this guitar, It has been all over South america with me, and was Floating around in the Gulf when this War in Iraq started, It has been to New Hampshire, Colorado, and just about every state in between, and of Course Virginia were it currently resides with me, There is also a spooky side to this quitar, Now i am not very superstitious, but i have the most vivid dreams when this quitar is in the room with me, some of the most haunting and chilling dreams i have every had, and on the flipside some of the most profound enlightening dreams i have every had, Now like i said i am not superstitious, and do not believe in anything like ghosts, or goblins, so i really cannot say that it is the guitar, know one else has ever noticed this but me, but then again i am the only one who has really played it since i bought it. So i am not making any claims, just telling what it has done for me, It has a wonderful color, a really deep red, The color Flows with the hopes and dreams, doubts, and fears of everyone that has ever played it.... I am telling you this is one weird guitar, many times this guitar has been found in place's i did not put it, For example, i put the guitar in the closet in the spare bedroom, in its case, and the next day found it in the office without the case standing against the wall by my computer. I have put it out in the garage, and found it in my bedroom next to my dresser, just really weird things are attached to this guitar.............. Look really close at the pictures, and you will see what i mean.................... "



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