Did You Mention To The "Investigator" There Are Three Women On This Board Claiming You Are A Woman Beater?

from: not one of them is named popeye-x
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05-04-07 ::: 15:49:44 ::: infomania
You mentioned your Mommy about 17 times, did you ever once explain it WASN'T popeye-x who wrote the part about your Mommy? Did you ever once mention the same sentence said something about borrowing money from your Mommy for cocaine?
No, it was just "that Popeye bastard is really on the warpath now!" You neglected to tell THE TRUTH about what is posted here, and who wrote it.
You blamed it all on me, and therefore I'm supposed to be concerned that its "officially out of" your hands?" Only because you are OFFICIALLY OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!
You wanna know why you're so worried about that "Mommy" post? Its actually a "Cocaine" post, right? And you don't want the supply to be cut off, am I right?
You aren't worried about your Mommy, you're worried about your endless marathon cocaine addiction, namely INTERRUPTING IT!
The mere notion sends you into a panic of lies so absurd, you don't even notice how fucking wack and totally OBVIOUS they are.
You didn't mention the 3 ex's or the cocaine at all. Only your Mommy and Popeye-X.



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