I Can Be A Bitch If I Want To.... I'm MARRIED!!!!!

from: your husband is a bitch too
19 Jun 2005 ::: 17:59:34 :::

HUBBY: "I don't take very kindly to you talking to my little sugar plum dumplin' buns like that..."

PPX: "I don'r give a fuck what you take kindly to, tell your bitch to back the fuck up off me, before its too late."

HUBBY: "Are you threatening my wife?"

PPX: "No, I'm promising YOU won't like what's gonna happen. Neither will she. You'll both regret it, and wish you'd dropped it , right around the time I said "before its too late."

HUBBY: "Leave my wife alone."

PPX: "If you don't take your hands off me, your wife could end up a widow."

(HUBBY lets go of PPX's neck)

HUBBY: "Leave my wife alone."

PPX: "Your wife is not why I am here. I come here ALL THE TIME."

HUBBY: "Do you have any receipts?"

PPX: "A whole stack of them, besides that, how do you think she got this job?"

HUBBY: "Not you."

PPX: "Yes, ME... what you just did is called assault and battery, that was STUPID!!! If you ever lay a hand on me again, I'M GOING TO CUT IT OFF!!"

HUBBY: "Here's my card."

PPX: "Fuck your card."

(of course, SHE calls the police and says I was threatening them, notice the wording I use, any time you say something fucked up to some assholes, always apply your "insurance", i. e. the part they leave out when they report you, this incident wound up with a summons to family court, as well as a police report routing to "Narcotics", since it contained a LIE ABOUT DRUGS, why do they always do that? don't they realize a LIE won't be true if it gets investigated? they didn't show up for their own horseshit, that's when I started learning the ropes of IDIOTS like Steven Earl Cureton, they complain to the law, and then backpaddle like freaked out hunting dogs who fuck with the wrong raccoon)



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