Reading Up On Yhe LATEST HiX album... its right around the corner...

from: 14 NEW songs!!!

No doubt, written specifically for the session. When you do an album with a band, you should NEVER, EVER make a recording of the music the audience LIKES already. Instead, make the audience AND the band deal with brand new material only! What's the point in getting recorded singles of the band's current gigging songlist? Everyone's heard that stuff a million times, its TOO WELL KNOWN to be on a disc for sale. plus due to a little piece of paper signed with the Songwriter Contest folks, all them songs Butch Morgan is a finalist with can't be "stolen"byanybody else, not even the people who play them. No titles ar ementioned, of course, that's against the rules, too. Its ok tyo say Butch Morgan looked like he was gonna win it for sure, and the xposure for the HIX is long overdue. Unfortunately, Sonwriter Contests are supposed to be acoutic guitar singer recordings, going and performing with a band is considered "not fair", and of course, "not fair" doesn't WIN. But wih 14 BRAND NEW HIX songs, songs they haven't played before, or worked out, it takes more than a few run thru's, fortunately there's no need to judge by the audience's responce which tunes to put on the album. What they wanna buy is secondary to Claude Morgan writing ANOTHER complete batch of NEW songs. Why waste a good recording session on an anonymous band propped up behind promotional flasehood? Have you ever heard how LAME that usually sounds? Go hear the MoDel's do their fine rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone". Doesn't it make a hell of a LOT more sense to just start from square one again? That way its an even playing field. The band doesn't know the songs, neither does the audience, and there's no time to fuck things up because Butch himself is still in the "finishing process", tweaking the final takes, of vocal and guitar, you know... those are BUTCH MORGAN parts he need to overdub, on a few ditties he put together since the LAST TIME he changed the band name spelling on the website. By yhe way, I HATE to say this, but I must... there's this guy.... he hasn't got a name, who he is is irrelevant, all that matters is HE STARTED the HIX. Hint: see that X? It was HIS idea. Well, Butch Morgan, that spiritual shepperd, with imp[essable charater credentials, decided he should go ahead and eliminate this "guy" from the loop concerning this band, the HiX, that he started. He seems to think its "his band" and "he's in it". Its not, it Butch Morgan's band, and there is no need to explain to this "guy" what or why, or how it is he's not in his own band anymore... its not important, why talk about the band at a band meeting, its MUCH MORE efficiant to announce deicisions about who's still in the band, and who isn't learning ANOTHER entire batch of "unknown"Butch Morgan party songs. Gosh, its amazing how he keeps writing entire albums beofr ethe lasy album can even be overdubbed. That's really creative stuff. It RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.



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