Gypsy Doug Morgan Goes To Be With RAM

from: as it turns out, he wouldn't have made it too long from now anyhow,
even if he hadn't been shot 05-07-11

going out of this life being a friend to RAM is an honor and a blessing, much more worthy of Gypsy Doug's life, and what it always stood for., since DAY ONE. "Its all about the music, man." There goes the two COOLEST GUYS in San Antonio, Texas. They discovered dougie's liver was already terminal from cancer and Hep C, if he survived the shooting , it would only be to die almost immediately from massive disease. PRETTY FUCKING COOL in my book, early release from hell on Earth, and the murderers going down for two cold blooded capital murders, instead of one. THAT is so sweet. Yep, you got them, motherfuckers, got them real good, but it looks to me like they nailed BOTH of you TWICE, legally speaking. The shooter fries FOR SURE, without any doubt. The girl who was shot, AND GYPSY DOUG, both identified the shooter, and his fresh fingerprint was found on a pool cue at TACO LAND. They played pool BEFORE they left, and came back shooting unarmed people who this town happened to love very much. The one guy shot at 4 more San Antonians in the next 3 days, having a wild and wooly weekend. Now its 3 weeks later and its a done deal, lock stock, and mothefucking gun barrel. That was quick! In the end, God was sparing Gypsy Doug, and all of us, a too long drawn out Gypsy Doug ending a few of us have been enduring on a daily basis for EIGHT YEARS, since Gypsy Doug's first big operation in late 1997 when his appendix burst in the alley behind Wong's Art Spot. Dougie going out this way is glorious, on par with Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie going out together, Jim Bowie too was already a foregone conclusion. when Santa Anna attacked Texas in 1836. Check out this pirate skull version of Bowie's trademark meat cleaver, sent to me this week by Will Alexander, to lift my spirits. It certainly worked, I also got a cool two handed "splitter" for my recording studio, nobody has studio ambience like THIS. I'm printing photos of RAM and Gypsy Doug, also Buddy and Babycat, to mount in prominent locations around this room. Barry Littleton and Miles Davis have been up for over 10 years. The murder of Gypsy Doug, my friend, my GOOD LOYAL friend, is the sickest thing I've heard of yet, in my whole worthless life, that takes the cake, right there.



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