Re: Code MD: Coded Phrases in the First "Electric Period"

12-volt tampon ("Electric period," get it?)
02 Jun 2005

You ever been playing your ass off and suddenly realize that you just can't do any wrong? The energy flows into the audience and then comes back amplified, and it swirls around the room and blows up bigger and bigger and it seems like something even better than that instant when you're fixing to blow your load way up your neighbor's 16-year-old daughter's cervix, when you just completely lose yourself slamming your pelvises together like some brainless beasts trying to escape from a cage by way of the headboard? Yeah, playing with Miles must have been like that. After all, the dude was playing a single-note instrument. Now, let's say that you DID get to fuck your neighbor's 16-year-old daughter and she was a fucked-up horny little slut who just couldn't seem to get enough of your throbbing erector set and she moaned chord progressions into your ear as you permanently bruised her sodden mons... could you honestly go back later and say "yeah, I think when she said 'fuck me hard, come on... RUFFLE ME!'" (are you listening, Tacki?) that was my cue to kick in the afterburners and go into double-time pelvis-pounding, and when she stuck her tongue in my ear and twisted my nipple it was my cue to poke my finger a little bit up her tight little starfish and start making noises like a rhino smashing into a tourist bus... nah, no way. It loses something in the retelling. That's sorta how this article struck me. Kind o' cold and sterile (phrygian mode? Gimme a break) way to describe something that happened like a lightening bolt hitting a tree. Miles wore shades, and kept his head down. He didn't even look at the other musicians. This guy, Gawd bless him, is trying to describe magic. So he found a couple of phrases that could have been cues. Everybody does that. I doubt that one night to another ANY aspect of a Miles tune would be the same. Maybe I just prefer to believe that, because I've experienced it myself and know that there's no way to describe what happens when the band just suddenly veers off in the right direction on it's own. How many times have you been talking to the drummer or guitarist after a gig, and you try to talk about what just happened and you go "uh, you know, that third thing we played... oh, I don't know what song it was, but you did something really fucking cool there and... well, there was that thing in the fourth or fifth tune of the second set... ah, fuck it..." you can't capture that in a bottle, it just happens. I listen to "Bitches Brew" and go "Whoa." Not that I totally disagree with this guy, but mainly Miles greatest trick was to HIRE GREAT MUSICIANS. Starting with Thelonious Monk, then Gil Evans, up to Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul (and that's just on Keyboards!) how the fuck did those guys wrap themselves around a little phrase from the trumpet that supposedly told them where to go? I don't think they did. I think they flew it with their sphincters. I know I would. Phrygian mode noodling, my ass.



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