do like claude morgan

change your personality and public image
10 Jun 2005 :::: 04:54:45 ::::

become a spiritual leader, that's the real ticket, that way, mike tyson could go from out of control violent beast to RELIGIOUS out of control violent beast, and the cool part isthen he would be able to sit in judgement of anyone who didn't "make the change" when he did. you know what I'm saying... rude, blasphemous anti-get along, no ass kissing or false social appearance for get along's sake... a "fuck you" person, you know the type, like popeye-x... someone with no "social skills of putting on a highroad public image" and the epitome of PERMANENTLY socially and politically INCORRECT who's getting worse and worse as time goes on... the incurables... the real piss off about popeye-x is he's not merely satisfied to make the audience THINK the word "dick" by seeing the lightning bolt painted on his crotch, thus FORCING the more spiritual minded CELEBRITY to correct the word "dick" in the audience's minds to "penis", and then actually SAY IT on the microphone. AN UNPLANNED piece of awkward FILTH that just popped out of a mouth... not popeye-x's mouth, the spiritual person's mouth... of course its totally understandable whay, after the embarrassing non-Chrisdtian "content" of the rock band show, the spiritual person is angry because popeye-x made him say "penis" on the mic. THEN , sonce he's rude, blasphemous, and SMART AS FUCK, he adds insult to injury by saying "why didn't you just say "lightning bolt" , you DUMB SHIT. THEN, to make matters WORSE, he launches into his own twisted sermon pointing out that Jesus had a DICK, not a PENIS, and EVERYONE, including his mom, who was at his crucifixion SAW HIS DICK THE WHOLE TIME. its a fact, Jesus' DICK was hanging out, fully exposed, its in the BIBLE, its holy, not nasty, but popeye-x makes it into something BAD by saying JESUS wasn't "embarrased" about it, you know, in front of everybody acting all righteous and holy and spiritual

in fact, if you're going to anestithize Jesus by giving him a penis instead of a dick, why not go all the way and CHANGE it to a PUSSY! isn't that "less ugly"? and therefore "more spiritual? kinda like a Ken doll, Barbie's ideal dream date, he doesn't need a penis because Barbie doesn't like those... they're...well, Barbie likes all things made new... or eliminated entirely, do you think Barbie might should turn spiritual with mile tyson and claude morgan? think about it, Ken doesn't have a DICK or PENIS!!! That should be Claude Morgan's ideal! RIGHT? you just don't get a uneeded chance to backslide by having that ugliness hangin' around... everybody knows its there, so eliminate it entirely! remember "all things are made new" or not even there at all... perfect.. I don't see how Jesus ever got by without retarded pixies controlling each other's behavior and judging each other's Christlike fantasy mind picture... somebody needs to remind those IDIOTS that the Bible is a BOOK, not a PERSON..



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