popeye-x's formula for the terrorist "problem"

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10 Jun 2005 ::: 09:36:38 :::

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ok, Syria was tossed out of Lebanon FOREVER, but, alas, in the following national election EVERY SINGLE SEAT in the government was won bya party hardliner of Hezzbolla, which is the same thing as Hamas, only financed by IRAN, instead of Syria, basically they are terrorist KILLERS. T he first suicide truck bomb in 1982 was Hezzbollah, they killed over 200 United States Marines put in harms way to supposedly prevent the clash of Israel and Syria, which started with Hamas (Syrian financed and harbored) on the Golan Hieghts, suddenly appearing wwith portable rocket launchers, firing mrockets from atop the highest mountains in the area OVER LEbanon into Israeli neighbor hoods at random, killing familoies children grandmothers, pareents, you know, JEWS, ths Israeli Air Force flew instantly to their positiions but since they were swift, portable , and CONCEALED by the Syrian government, the Jewish jets couldn't nail them in time. They'd hide, and then come back out and start murdering people again.

Keep in mind, they were shooting OVER Lebanon, those are EXPENSIVE ROCKETS, that's not paid for by Syrian taxpayers, that's paid for by Saudi GOVENRMENT, supposedly our "friends", those are the 911, Osama Bin Laden folks, all Saudis, of cou rs e they a re lining the Syrian offiicials' pockets to do their dirty work of "looking the other way", which is ABSURD, they aren't looking the other way, they're ENABLING THEM, hiding them HARBORING THEM, as Dubya calls it,

To even get to them, Ariel Sharon had to "invade" Lebanon just to get to Syria, that's a big no-no, the US said you can't do that! Ariel Sharon said, FUCK YOU, we're doing it, unless you;ve got a better idea. The US said how about a symbolic peace keeping presence of our most bad ass guys, the USMC, right in the middle, "containing the conflict" with our mighty military reputation? Sharon said ok, for now, but those nuclear facillities over in IRAQ have to go. We said, you can't do that! Sharon said FUCK YOU, in 7 to 10 years Aaddma Hussein will have nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Against our opinion, Israel blew the fuck out of Saddam's whole nuclear program, which was bogus as hell. Iraq has oil reserves on;y matched by Saudi

aragbia, Iraq should be as rich as they are, ansd they would be, but they've had this DICTAOR ASHHOLES murdering thug using all their resources to become the Adolph Hitler of The Middle East.He even called himself the reincarnation of Nebbacanezzer! This wasn't a mythical WMD, this was the real one the myths are based on, and Israel took in out in 1982, at the same time. So our Marines are stationed between these two armies, in the eye of the looming catastrophie.

That was a fucked mission for the Marines. the USMC aren't PEACEKEEPERS at all., that's not their job at all, that's the opposite of their job, they are WARMAKERS, they KILL enemies of the USA, that's what they do. They don't take any prisoners and they don't have the necessary logistics to provide medical support, EXCEPT for Marines. That's somebody else's job, they come up behind the Marines and take prisoners and give medical aid to wounded. Marines don't even think like that. THEY KILL THE ENEMY. And anyone who shoots at them, killing Marines, whether they are dead yet or not, are unworthy of the Marines HUMANITARIAN concerns. The USMC only cares about the United States and the Marine corps and the enemy can go to hell for all they care. Their job is to send them there BEFORE Americans are killed.

So the politicians put the Marines in that position and a Hezzbolla suicide bomber truck came from the SIDE, Syria is in front, Iran is from the side from a Lebanon POV, and blew the fuck out of the Marines headquiaters. The US politicains, REAGAN, pulled the Marines out and bombarded the Syrian Defence positions with WWII battle ships for 2 weeks while pullling out, most the the Syrian Defence Ministry was killed by the naval bombardment, not just Generals, but cabinet guys.

But the deal is, when Marines get killed, its a tradition that they "make up for it" by getting their revenge on the battlefield. The US Marines have NEVER LOST ANY BATTLE, not ever. Its kind of part of their spiritual orientation, they always win, but sometimes they also DIE. ITS ok to die, but its NOT ok to not win. And Reagan pulled them out with not chance to avenge their fallen comrades' deaths. This is bad. They waited, FOR OVER 20 YEARS while the spineless US government was being politically correct and sane and all that BULLSHIT, you know, trying to appear that we are something we a re not, kind and gentle and civilized, etc?

the whole timers Israel was saying, "you can bullshit yourselves all you want, till the end of time, but it swon't change a fundamental FACT. Hamas, Hexzzbolla, Saddam Huseein, adn Saudi Arabie, Syria, Iran, they are all out to KILL THE JEWS. See? That's the old Hitler plan? Does everybody GET IT? Does everybody believe it? we said "nonsense , we will help you" Israel said, "they will KILL YOU too, dont' kid yourself, and here's the evidence. Histroy has proven Israel's position to be CORRECT, and the US's position to be FULL OF SHIT.

So anyway, back to the terrorist problem, now its a full blown multi continent killing conflict, and as STUPID complacent Americans who like to think of themselves as reasonable, fashionable liberal kinder gentler rational people, like Bruce Springsteen and the Dixie Chicks (what a pile of shit) suicide bombing is at an all time high, this is the war the Arabs always wanted, every thing they have done is to provoke this conflict and take advantage of America's completely fantasy viewpoint of itself,

notice how 911 was WORSE than Pearl Harbor? And there are STILL millions of Americans who daily talk their " political bullshit" and explain everything away, like Demetria Monde Thraam, fucking PINHEADS who aren't even capable of FACING reality, even when its DEATH for 1000's of Americans!!!

So anyway,m the US presence in full force in Iraq killing terrorists on a daily basis is absolutely the PERFECT way to dealg with all these other terrorists and governments and it all traces back to the guys with the BIG MONEY. Ideaology is the driving force, but without the MONEY, they couldn't be buying rockets and belt bombs and SUV's full of machine guns and squads of organized Terrorists who are ready to kill themselves as suicide killers. Something like that is NOT a grass roots, we the people type thing., It s takes incredible amounts of money, planning, logistics from many differnet countries, who all act like they don't have anything to do with it, but its complete BULLSHIT. They want their cut of the oil too!

And all that fucking money comes from US. We buy the oil, we built the oilfields, we created the whole system for wealth, so they play this game of give us the money and we'll onl;y kill all the jews. Well, I'm sorry, WWII was about something, and its boils down to "NO, the Untied States is not going to stand by while some DICTATOR like Adolf Hitler wipes out the Jews. If you are against this war, then what you are for is NOT CARING ABOUT THE JEWS, and not doing a goddamned thing about it. Our soldiers in WWII died to prevent this shit from ever happening again, but its never stopped, the DICTATORS have changed, but the KILL THE JEWS thing is in full effect. And that's what all these terrorists have in mind.

They are totally brainwashed Islamic BLOCKHEADS, programmed by religion, and raised form childhood to KILL JEWS and anyone who helps them. Meanwhile, the Jews refusal to not defend themselves, and their refusal not to be lulled into the passive delusion that the USA is smothered in SAVED OUR FUCKING ASS, starting back in 1982. It has played out EXACTLY like they said it would, and if they hadn't done what they did, when they did it, the body count of Americans would be much much higher. WMD is REAL. like I'm talking about times 10, at least. perhaps100 or even 1000 or even millions. Imagine an ICBM with a nuclear warhead coming across the ocean and hitting New York city.

Right now Iran is building up towards a nuclear arsenal, Israel has showed us the photographs, its not ready now, but its definitely in the cards down the road a few years, and all the TERRORIST bullshit is just desperately stalling for time until that can happen.

Well, thank God and Dubya, that aint what's gonna happen, not at all. Iran will cease and desist from going in that direction, and if they don't, we are in position RIGHT NOW and ready and willing to TAKE THEM OUT. THAT IS WHY WE IVADED IRAQ. Its called "regime change", and we do it, repeatedly, and it goes for ANY country, friends or foe, ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO KILL Americans, for whatever reason, WE AINT GONNA PUT UP WITH IT ANY MORE!!!

If that means we come to their country and bomb it into tiny bits of gravel with weird gamma rays glowing out from the wasteland, then SO BE IT. we';re going for this other system, called democracy, where THE PEOPLE vote without fear and say what they really want and run their own lives the way THEY want to.

So the Lebanon elections were a fiasco, every single seat was filled by fucking Hezzbolla. Those assholes aren't "popular" at all. They hate thosae motherfuckers because they're murderers, but if you run against a Hezzbolla candidate, you are called a "collaborator" and you wind up dead. Notice how all the main Lebanese political figures have been assasinated recently? The people of Lebanon HATE THAT SHIT, and if they get a chance, they are going to round up ALL THOSE TERRORIST ASSHOLES and put them all in prison for life, and begin EXECUTING THEM as soon as possisible. This is going to take several years, to round them up, put them in cages, and KILL THEM, but that's what's gonna happen, mark my words.

ITS ONLY right because every time there's another suicide bombing, you see Hamas, Hezzbolla, Al Quaida, PLO, and Palestininian Authority BRAGGING about MURDER and taking credit for it. The reason they do this is to intimidate normal people into thinking they will be DEAD if they even think about saying NO to these killers. That's ok, because, they will either renounce these "political" factions, and SNITCH THEM OFF, or else they are going to prison FOREVER and they will die there.

There will be executions on a massive scale compared to now. Basically, anyone who won't give in, and still remains dedicated to the terrorist cause, must be EXTERMINATED. Why? Because they are KILLERS, and they wanna kill you, kill me, kill Arabs, kill ANYBODY they can.

Why do they do this? They have to, or else give up their dream of BEING RICH AS FUCK AND IN POWER. They are a lot smaller than the amount of trouble they are causing. The whole idea of an endless army of brainwashed suicide bombers ready and willing to kill themselves is RIDICULOUS. WHY? because they DIE when they do that. There is no such thing, nor has there ever beee in the history of this planet, a military force that derives its power from KILLING ITSELF at a slower rate than it kills innocent population. Its ridiculous, who's going to be left when they 're all DEAD? Who else.... the richest fat cats of the Saudi royalty, they're the ones paying for all this shit. Theyre the only ones who could possibly AFFORD it. I say we take the Saudi oilfields and "defend them and operate them, "until the crisis subsides.

Guess what? Remember the OPEC oil embrgo? 1973. The US went to the Saudi leaders and said, point blank, to their faces, either cut the shit on this goddamn fake oil crisis or else we are going to "secure the oilfields"; until the shit settles. Like magic, the oil embargo evaporataed. So the SAME THING popeye-x has been saying now in fact was said by the US government 9 years BEFORE 1982, which is when I started saying, "what is this shit? they kill our soldiers and we don't DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?" they told them "privately", but right to their faces, and they backed down like the lying cowards they truly are. Two faced sunza bitches, their religion is a brainwash system, a machine that chews up human lives like they are worthless. God what a piece of shit religion that is!!!



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