this is ICE MONKEY
he may not look real brilliant to you right now

but, he got what he wanted
ME and Mugtoe are sort of still waiting

From: there are veteran FBI ice chemists
reading this site
so PLEASE act ultra-normal
while reading this

15 Jun 2005 ::: 17:59:13 :::

Try to behave in a manner more fitting the glass pipe sucking sociopath you've turned into. you USED to be a respected dealer of severely stepped on $20 bags, but now all you want do is act like an OUT OF CONTROL ICE MONKEY, with hopscotch disease, and a serious jones for some of that EVIL-E. You stay out all night, several nights in a row, digging thru other people's garbage AS FAST AS YOU CAN.. When the sun comes up, you go back home, covered with DEEP TRASH dumpster smudges, and packing a fresh load of crap, just about anything you can find, sell, or trade to BUY MORE ICE METH....  and I'm talkin' about ALL the time, whether its morning, noon, night, or the black hole of ALWAYS NEVER...

Recently I've been following you around town in my classic Mercedes Benz, with a laptop, wingtip shoes, and my Anvil briefcase full of velcro spy cams. I video'ed you going buck wild in a dumpster with a naked strip mall derelict.

What really broke my heart was the way you were doing it, you used to dig thru garbage with a certain aire of DIGNITY, you didn't hurry, or get real mad, or act like you were in a do or die fight for survival.

I even remember seeing you in a pancake house dumpster, after 2 a.m., up to your knees in empty cans of BBQ Pringles. You were gathering up the soggy buns of 17 Jack In The Box hamburgers, (no meat patties or curly fry combo take out containers). Someone had the nerve to throw away a perfectly re-usable vaccuum cleaner bag FULL of hairballs, sticky kleenex, ashtray debris, and half decomposed blue cheese dressing tubs. Of course you jumped right on those, literally.

You obviously STEPPED ON ONE, (with your foot, fool), squirting a hot festered LOAD of infected salad wagon microbes up your pants leg, exiting out the top of your bib overalls, bouncing off the bottom your chin.  and finally hangin' up a morsel of it on that "scrotum scratcher" you call a goatee.

You didn't even blink an eye, and I remember thinking "Good God, that half coagulated glob of roakfort cheese whiz actually looks like it could be the biggest chunk of SuperGlue OraGel For Dummies I've ever seen in my life!"

If I didn't know any better I might be fooled into assuming that jiggly wiggly snot blobbernism was a DNA sample some renegade cop thru in there, so he'd have an excuse to ask for George Bush's go ahead.

Of course, I'm mean for MEDICIAL PURPOSES ONLY. Its only the mere'st samplin'... but its HANGIN' OFF YOUR FUCKING FACE, HOLMES, while you tear thru them garbage bags like you're in the middle of a GOLD MINE.

You ain't in the mood to get "Dimebag Darrell-ed" by an insignifigant other, pulling in all your reins BEFORE your fresh garbage can be smoked as pure Methamphetamine ICE. Let's just say it would INSTANTLY put you in a foul mood to be TOLD you shouldn't be out all night, furiously digging like a possum thru other people's trash, especially if that nosey someone telling you that is stooping so low as to "play the drug card" on you.

The statement from your KID'S bank account indicates you've been been "playing the VISA card" on your whole family, LATE AT NIGHT, after midnight, for some time now... I know this is chickenfeed compared to the windfall profits you're used to, pouring out of the glorious trash dumpsters, but what used to be over $1300 last summer, is under $55 now... tell those goddamn cops to arrest the REAL problem with the Mugtoe connection... NOT ENOUGH DOPE to even make even one little bump!!!!!



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