I, Too, Once Hated George W. Bush

From: you will never hate him as much as I did
16 Jun 2005 ::: 13:33:59 :::

I invented Bush hate, 15 years ago. I was a virulent, maniacal, hater on a daily basis of George Herbert Walker Bush. The reason I hated him is because he would say ANYTHING, as long as it stuck to the party line, that was his definition of the truth, and it really pissed me off. When his son got "elected", you ask anybody, I went ape fucking shit! I went bright and early Nov. 8th, the day after the election, I bought my drumset. I declared WAR on the Bush regime, vowing to use my studio and my rhythms to assault the Bush Administration in the media, using the violence of total rebellion hard core heavy metal, I wrote a song called LAMEBRAINS and I started tooling up for the coming onslaught.

I was ready and half cocked to debate ANYBODY at a moments notice about the whole stinking issue of the election of an American president, and especially how FUCKED it is to disregard even one American's vote, or to put the JOB of being president above the DUTY of American's to do what they say they do... RULE THEMSELVES. I'm still pissed about it, but the point is moot, because last time, I VOTED FOR THE MOTHERFUCKER. If some of y'all don't like it, too bad. I would have liked John Kerry just fine. He's exactly what I want in a president, a guy who knows what KILLING enemies of the United States is all about. A guy who has the stomach to do what has to be done, for all the right reasons.



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