senseless yammering?

17 Jun 2005 :::: 06:09:41 ::::

How is it senseless yammering? You WISH it was senseless yammering.

Then you wouldn't have to deal with what it said. You'd just call it senseless yammering, and dismiss it. But it ain't going away, Mr. Ostrich Head In The Sand, I spent a lot of time mapping out the pirinciples and issues, and I put the history behind it in chronological order as best I could.

I am not a journalist or even a completely rational person. I am an entertainer, I don't really hit my stride until I'm talking SHIT. When I'm doing that, go ahead and assault me all you want. I will come back on you, probably more than once. When I get thru with you, even your mama will be laughing at you, telling you to shut up and don't even talk to me.

But I wasn't joking on any of that. It wasn't a rant. It was my attempt to hip you to what's happening. I'm not "for" either side, I'm for the ONLY side, that's the United States Of America, period.

Maybe the USA makes you so sick, you can't even phrase a sentence that doesn't ooze with belittling putdowns, personal insults, and the whole litany of cliches used by the "Anti-Bush" firebrands. I argue with you people every fucking day, I've heard them all, I know your patterns well, I have to, because you never shut up. You also never pause to consider your own words.

I lost count of how many times I have said I don't give a FUCK about Bush! Or ANY president. I don't believe what they say, I believe what I think. If what they say matches what I say, then you are going to see me praising them for having the BALLS to do something that is obviously a risky thing... TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Instead of how suckers would like it to be.

Even if you disagree with me, I'm doing you a service, you should at least give me credit for what I represent. I am just one person, with limited education, I DO read newspapers, all the time, I also watch the news. But I don't think what they tell me to think. I think what I damn well know is the truth, and I am a voice of an American who has nobody but himself to please. I am not part of any group, or trend, or social pressure, or correctness police, or standard policy of any kind, unless its a policy of being sick of not fighting back.

Backing down from murder is not something I can do, not for very long. Its not in me. I definitely believe in KILLING enemies, as opposed to kissing their asses so I look kinder and gentler. I'm not kind. And I'm not gentle either. I don't care how I look, especially to people who are afraid to look at dead bodies.

Does it gross you out to see what war does to people? Do you cover your eyes? Do you put it out of your mind? If so, then you have no right to TALK ABOUT IT. If you can't face it, FINE, but shut the fuck up! You can't disagree with something unless you see what it says first.

I read a newspaper the same day you said "pick up a newspaper instead of picking your ass." First page, first column on the left, it had a picutre of Senator Joseph Biden, and all the things he said in a press release that day. Did you happen to read it? It was about the rise in suicide bombing and WHO was doing it, and WHY they were doing it. Keep in mind, Biden is a life long opponent of the Bush side, ok? He said EXACTLY what I said. That shows he's a man with at least a modicum of integrity. I won't go so far as to say he's not  a liar, or a goddamn idiot, but he DOES have a little bugaboo for the truth somewhere inside. He WILL say things he wish he didn't have to say sometimes. I've heard him say the biggest piles of shit there is, but yesterday was not such a day. he was beyond partisan politics, he was informing the American people what they need to know, and I admire him for that. But I don't care if he agrees with me or not. He's a fool if he doesn't.

Yes, I am a redneck. I'm worse than a redneck, but redneck is close enough. It doesn't mean I'm not 100% right. It doesn't mean I look to other rednecks to verify my thinking or to be pleased with what I said. I'm not saying it to be agreed with. I'm saying it because its TRUE. The reason I know its true is I HAVE STUDIED IT WITHOUT PREJUDGING MY CONCLUSIONS, based on some other social consideration, like being rejected and scoffed at by every person I know. I would rather lose on the side of right, than get along on the side of wrong. Besides, I don't want to get along unless we really get along. If you can't live with the fact I think my own thoughts and don't care about conforming to other people, then you should avoid reading what I say, because I will NEVER be intimidated by people who are smarter and richer than me, just because they are better off than me doesn't make them BETTER than me. You aren't anywhere NEAR as good as me, much less better.

Junkie? ME? A junkie? You aren't serious, are you? Do I really have to answer that? Even if I was, what difference would that make? Why would that make what I say about the war wrong? Its off the subject. I guess its supposed to discredit me, but I don't see how. I guess that would make me sub-human

If you want to discredit me, why dont you assault my assessment of the history behind this war? Did you even bother to read it and understand it? I think you did read it, briefly. I don't think you gave it any thought. I don't think you can pick out any part of it and refute it, or you would have. I know its too much information for you to handle, you called it endless yammering. It is not endless, and in no way is it yammering. If you don't care about the issues I elaborated on, fine, that doesn't mean they aren't important or relevant. It only means your opinion isn't important or relevant, because after all, you don't CARE, right? If you don't care, why should I, or anybody else?



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