mind control

From: a musician ::: 05-08-17 ::: 14:29:24

the purpose of religion is to concentrate power, and then kill somebody, either someone from the "other" religion, or more often someone from your own religion who's "just as bad if not worse". the reason music is the point of no return is that is the symbol of a person's identity in their own mind... the music stands for what they stand for, it is s deeply felt emotional link to one's self, and the religion industry knows that well. we can't very well have you running around letting you see yourself thru the eyes of yourself, that's BAD, its out of their control, your music only reinforces that bad tendency, so you gotta GIVE IT UP, and listen to their GOOD, CHRISTIAN music, or you don't get to be in the clique, which ain't a big deal, until the war starts, and... well, you know the rest, READ IT, its in the Bible. You know the Bible, right? Its that book you see Claude "Butch" Morgan carrying around. He doesn't know what's in it, cuz he don't read too good, and besides, its hard to understand the implications of something when you are intellectually one inch deep. Like trying to drown in a puddle. He basically wants to make as big a splash as possible, he thinks that means something "important" just happened, the whole point being to attach HIMSELF to the importance, viola... meet your new spiritual advisor. Everything is gonna be alright... unless of course, you have the kind of mind that resists being controlled externally, just on principal. Hey, God gave me a mind, I'm going to use it to think the way I think, and I think Benny Hinn is phony PIECE OF SHIT. Motherfucker pastors a church in Orlando, Florida, but resides in Beverly Hills, California. I hear he drops by every once in a while, to TEACH. Well, he's on tour constantly, you know. Riding around with the steam shovel, shoveling money into 3/4 ton trucks, like a rock group. Do you blame him? I certainly don't. If its good enough for Nine Inch Nails, its good enough for Benny Hinn. The only difference is Trent Reznor calls himself a liar, Benny Hinn doesn't. Which one is telling the truth? I like Trent's "crown of shit", from "Hurt". That's gotta be his best song, I think he agrees, the NIN live video ends with that song. Leave it to Trent Reznor to top himself, tho, he CAN do it, that's how it got so good in the first place. The power of mind control at work, Trent says quite clearly, "I wanna fuck you like an animal". Benny Hinn says, "Knowing Jesus Christ is the most imnportant thing anyone can do." Same thing, eh? Close enough.



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