ok, I'll stop whining now
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Its just another VERY FUCKED UP fact of life... no, its a fact of DEATH. Technically speaking, death is the only "fact" we know about "for sure", that's why one kills a cockroach, to apply a little certainty where its needed most. San Antonio is like a big Burnt Down Roach Motel. They got their own unrecognizable wino glop AND that Official Chunk Of Lint From Moms Mably's Drier.

I swear to God, Gypsy Doug must have talked about Moms Mably a million fucking times to me. I could tell he had a special reverance for Moms, and I know it was because she was so fucking bizarre yet absolutely typical, in a totally insane way.

Today I found a xerox of a review in the newspaper of a "demo tape" by Kurt Otto and the Hix, this was circa 1991, it was the song, SOUND BITES, with Bevis Griffin on vocals and Claude Morgan on guitar. Mike Taylor helped a little bit, too, actually he jumped on the song's dick, and tried to take a ride by substituting himself and his bass guitar for MY midi sequence bassline, already recorded.. ALL THREE OF THESE LAMER PRICKS turned out to be jealous THIEVES in the end, with no love at all for the music they were trying to ride the dick of.

When you are so DEPRIVED of originality and creativity that you have to resort to CHEATING popeye-x out of whatever you can get, then you have got to be one broken-down cheesedick.motherfucker. Claude Morgan HAS to steal the Hix thing for 2 main reasons: A. his yes men need an identity he can hang his name in front of, and B. the audience is not the least bit interested in his goddamned JESUS SHOW. The only time he gets to parade in front of everyone, posturing like Benny Hinn, is when one of us DIES, and is totally unable to tell him to STOP making an ass out of himself. Quit USING people for a purpose that is the opposite of how they really felt, when they were around, able to assert THEIR OWN points of view. Mike Pogue and Gypsy Doug were both HOSTILE to the Jesus Nazis of this world. It is OUTRAGEOUS that a two-bit demonic bastard  like Rev. Butch would be leading the crowd in a group prayer at his dead friends' memorial "events"...

I notice, in both instances, there's RB Blackstone and Robar Adams trying to ride Claude's dick while he tries to ride the audiences dick, by appointing himself their new, social Jimmy Swaggart, named "Butch" now... he's not "the old Claude" anymore. Geee, I wonder WHY?

hint: the story to that is coming real soon...



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