you are the one who is ultimately wrong

from: because AGAIN, you failed to add the X to Popeye ::: 05-08-19 ::: 18:44:02

A person could be a genius for all I care, if they can't make that basic connection between Popeye and X, they simply don't understand what's going on in here. I'm serious. There are TONS of mature statements, on a variety of interelated subjects, for instance: "MR. SQUARE GUITAR, Popeye-X Explains Bo Diddley". If you say Diddley, without the Bo, or vice versa, Bo, without the Diddley, no matter WHO YOU THINK you're talking about, it ain't Bo Diddley. That makes two times in a row you've posted to "popeye" without including the "X" You act as if its not as important as what tools I use, or the relevance of what I'm using them to accomplish. But you, sir, are flat out WRONG this time, and getting moreso each time you post. Obviously, you think you can do it much better, and more meaningful and mature... you know, "clever"? Well, let's see it. You've seen mine, and made your comments, why not let us see your wonderful creation, and we will get an equal chance to sit in judgement of your work, and you can also respond to our comments, and perhaps we won't be as honestly LETDOWN by you as you seem to be by me and my bubbly childishness. However, I must insist on one caveat, and on this I'm afraid I cannot bend one inch: I shall refer to you as "Boy", dispensing with the tiresome and unecessary "Clever" part, until such time as I determine you are worthy of any name more grandoise than "Boy". Also, show me ANYBODY'S site using PHP that doesn't fit the mold, and I'm sorry, it must be original graphics, at least 90% handmade by the webauthor. While you're at it, you may as well show me a page, from ANYWHERE, by ANYBODY, just one page or site the uses mySQL with Photoshop, and explain to me in detail, without personal venom, WHY its so much better than this worthless piece of shit website called, By the way, as much as I hate to repeat myself, I must again say, "FUCK YOU, you forgot the X".(read my shit, dicklips, you might understand it lot better if you pull your head out of your computer's ass BEFORE you skim over it.)



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