Feedback Sculpting With Reaktor

from: popeye-x 05-10-16 14:22:17

My friend Monde, the female who proves male superiority is a joke, has often referred to herself as a "feedback sculptor". I've been wanting to preach on this subject for while, so here is JUST TWO Reaktor ensembles that are brilliant. One is from Reaktor 5 and one is from Reaktor 4, so this is not just for updaters, but also vintage freaks.

The first is SKREWELL from Reaktor 5. This thing is great. Every knob and every slider does SOMETHING. You don't have to understand jackshit, you move a control and you HEAR the difference. The way you play it is you listen, and then alter the sound at a certain rate you determine by ear. Its very casual, it sounds better if you go much slower than you could. It just spews out this electronic STUFF, its really cool sounding, and totally addictive.

The second example is METAPHYSICAL FUNCTION, from Reaktor 4's Electronic Instruments Vol. 2. Its basically the same principle, but a little more difficult. I've used it for atmosphere on the tune URB-TRIO. Its the "magic wind". You don't need drugs at all with these crazy modules, even your fingers get pleasure from twiddling. I know for a fact Ms. Genius Monde would get her rocks off bigtime with these babies. You too G-Head One.