the bottom line

as told by popeye-x to steven earl cureton,
after a spew of drunken venomous emails 05-10-16 20:13:48

I don't have the slightest idea
WHO you're talking about
or WHAT you're talking about
you seem to be obsessed with "other people"
like I'm supposed to give a shit what they think

I didn't accuse you of anything
except not tipping me off
when you knew taylor and cox
were ripping off my bank account

while talking about that FACT,
3 women I never heard of
accused you of beating them
I gave voice to what they were saying
on my website, and they THANKED me

I didn't say it, THEY said it
do you ever talk to your people
about the REAL SUBJECT?

the fact is you are a liar and a thief
and a totally fake friend
and you have no humanity in your heart
you are what they call a "sociopath", look it up,
I am not the only person saying it about you

as far as I can see
you are an incoherent idiot
with no regard for anyone else
except yourself

if you're trying to make me paranoid
by saying I'm being "monitored"
and constantly talking about drugs,
its not working

the one who's drugged out is you,
and everyone knows it

all these retarded details you're spewing at me
shows how far you will go to avoid the real point
which is:
you are a lying, drunken,
subhuman thief
and a total fraud

I don't care in the least what your
unspecified people think or say about me
me and my friends and your ex lady friends
laugh at you every fucking day

google your name, it says
steve cureton is not even a human being,
and explains how and why.
THAT is the ONLY point,
this woman beater thing is
people I never met before AGREEING with me
if someone REALLY wants to know what's going on
simply google the 2 words steve cureton
and read what it says
if you are saying that is untrue, fine...
I say you are lying
and EVERYONE believes me, NOT you

you are obviously afraid of something,
in my opinion its the TRUTH being known
you are in complete denial
about whether people know about you
but you are simply wrong
I know its having an effect
or you wouldn't be lashing out
with all this erratic off the subject garbage

so what's the moral to the story?
where does it all end?
the answer is.....
in your DEATH, motherfucker

and when it comes,
you will have done it to yourself
it won't have anything to do with me,
except I will be loudly praising the event

end of story