New Apostle On The Block



From: Reaktor is more addictive than CRACK 05-11-29 22:58:32

Yes, I go out and find my willing victims, and I hand pick them, like Jesus, only not at random. I'll help anybody who's interested, kinda like a friendly old heroin addict who's more than happy to teach young folks how to shoot up.

But they have to provide their own LUST for the drug. I take no responsibility for the necessary BRAIN DAMAGE it takes to be addicted to such a thing as Reaktor.

But make no mistake, when I find them, I recruit them, and put them straight to work figuring out stuff FOR ME. You know... making the dope in THEIR bathtub so I can REALLY hog down.... for free, Bubba.

This time I "bagged" a real scientist type, who is also a classical musician, and has been a deformed FREAK his whole life because he's PAINFULLY more intelligent than most of the people you know, or will ever know. His name is Xal, he lives in Germany, and after 3 days, he walked forth from the tomb and said,

"Its like this is the toy I've been waiting for all my life! I wish I could quit my job NOW, and do this for a living."

In plain english... he's a true blue, dyed in the wool, no hesitation, Incurable Reaktor Junkie... and he happens to be a physicist AND a mathematician AND a musician.... we need guys like that!

Of course he gets high, do you have to ask?

With this guy on the squad, us sub-normal Reaktor fiends don't have to learn trigonometry and computer programming to construct modules "cheap" with the legendary Reaktor Core Technology. Xal will do it for us... and ENJOY every minute of The Torture. I've never seen anybody, including myself, get so overwhelmingly ADDICTED to Reaktor so fucking fast.

Of course, he had the Evil Old Doktor Popeye-X on hand to show him where to stick the needle in his ear's arm.

And his wife won't be interferring with jealous horseshit drama, like you know who's wife, because this guys wife is a scientist/musician, too, and she says Reaktor has IMPROVED their love making in bed. So all you jealous neurotic spouses of my "electronic lieutenants" can go suck a Casio's butthole. Synthesizer is taking over this motherfucker, and not even psycho bitches are gonna be able to stop it.

This is his wife, the lovely AND HILARIOUS Ke... notice, she's not a bitchy old battleaxe bitty with an axe to grind. Not only is she a scientist working on a PhD, she also plays the viola in an orchestra in Europe, (and has all her life.) More importantly, she's FUN, instead of a BIG DRAG.

...like some of the married CUNTS who call themselves wives of my music friends.



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