Goddamned Christian LYING Sunza Bitches
From: Rev. HorkyDork "Butch-X" Lameroid 06-03-03 03:14:37

All you spiritual types out there need to
pay-the-fuck-attention to what I'm throwin' down here...

 I ain't yer goddamned babysitter.
I'm not even your surrogate Cub Scout Den Mother, trapped in a diabolical blabbermouth's' re-animated corpse.
I'm simply your Pastor, whether you like it or not... you didn't choose me, I chose you, so shut-the-fuck-up and THINK about what I'm really saying before you decide, "Wow, that 'Rev. Butch-X' dude has really lost it. Its the Final Psychosis..."

I ain't like them Goddamned LYING Christian Sunza Bitches
you're used to blindly following, pretending you're
Riding The Bible's Dick To A Big Pie In The Sky
that somehow has your name on it. Whatever you fail to realize is not my problem, in fact, I hope you DON'T HAVE A CLUE what my point is, much less understand the deeper implications of a Holy Spirit that lives forever... "from Everlasting to Everlasting", AND forgives you for all the bad things you'll never admit you did.

What about the things you DIDN'T do? Like tell the TRUTH. Try it out on yourself. Quit using "eternity" as an over-riding excuse for sitting on your ass, stalling for time, and mooching off of anybody who's dumb enough to fall for your endless bullshit. Its an act, and you know it. What you don't know is how much EVERYBODY around you can see right thru you. They see thru that "thinly veiled, rehashed clone of yesterday's boredom"...

There's no such thing as an After-Life. How could there be? When would this supposedly take place? Do you remember any Before-Life? If not, then that kind of knocks the bottom out of the "Theory Of Eternity" timeline doesn't it? Spending eternity with Christ entails more than just what will happen AFTER you die, what about BEFORE you were born?

Who created you? GOD? Wrong!

Your parents created you by FUCKING. There is not one person who was ever born that popped in from out of nowhere, fully grown and complete in every way. No, even Jesus was a BABY at one time, so Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass, I know what the function of a pussy is... I know what it does, how it does it, and why it likes to be fucked, over and over and over again. The only reason they call Jesus' mom "The Virgin Mary" is because they haven't quite figured out what's REALLY been happening all along. It doesn't matter AT ALL if we know how this universe got here.

Why? Because we will be DEAD... ALL of us.

There won't be anybody left who's reading this now to point out Dr. Popeye-X was 100-% right all along, nor will there be anyone to agree or disagree. Seeing is believing, but what about when those bright, baby blue eyes turn into dark, empty skull sockets, full of dusty cobwebs, and seething with a broiling mass of gangrene frenzied maggots?

They eat flesh, AFTER it has died. If its alive, they won't touch it, it doesn't taste good to their hungry little taste buds. Those little disgusting fly larvae know the difference between life and death even better than we do.



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