35433 Visits In February 2006
from: come to papa 06-03-07 22:22:10

last month, as I lay in the darkness of my own netherworld, writhing in uncertainty, cloaked in heart wrenching bad vibes and self pity, surrounded by death and too many tombstones to count, 35433 humans ventured onto this website, most arrived by random keyword searches, their footprints fan out into different directions, only one person's name was in the list, I won't say who it was, obviously this (hint) CHICKENSHIT MURDERER is searching his own name and seeking whatever info he might find, all the rest are random websurfers, looking for whatever. so there is a stalker in the midst, no doubt about it, I ain't scared of that chickenshit son of a bitch, and he knows it. I could NEVER be scared of a man that cowardly, although I probably should be, "go ahead, make your move, give it your best shot, and make it a good one" cuz I will have no mercy on that goofy looking sneaky bastard.

I got a visit here at the studio by this other person, I won't say who it was, but it was unusual and totally unexpected. she said she felt like she was in the "enemy's camp", but she was missing Gypsy Doug and built up her courage and just came over. she started holding my hand and getting teary eyed. I finally realized she was crying FOR ME, I said, "don't cry for me, I'm doing fantastic!" this cracked her up very much. I gave her a printout of my favorite picture of Gypsy Doug, I said, "here he is, laughing at what an idiot I am, I think I said somethinbg stupid and it crippled him for a few seconds" then I recounted the last visits here by Gypsy Doug, and realizing once again, he won't be visiting me any more, and here comes the salt water. its okay, there are so many reminders already here, things he brought over and gave me, also memories of his presence back in the possum parlor where he was camped out for the duration of my period of "overwhelming grief". he was here to keep a watchful eye on me and to HELP ME get over this evil bullshit. he endured so much just listening to me ranting and raving. surprise, surprise, surprise, it was about that SAME CHICKENSHIT son of a bitch who is stalking these pages now, but Gypsy Doug has been murdered in the meantime. it kinda takes yer breath away.

(phone rings) ooo, I just got a phone call from the ex of ANOTHER CHICKENSHIT conspirator... a "coxsucker" as I like to call them. I've had quite a few surprising visits recently, come to think of it, the females seem to trust me, but their male counterparts loathe me, I wonder why that is? its not because they're looking for a GRUDGE FUCK, none of them would stoop that low, they aren't that hard up, and neither am I, now that I think about it. I just wanna be friends and talk some shit about some assholes who deserve to be exposed.



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