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From: this is no bullshit

I've been doing some research on the statistical density of this website. I never expected anything like this.

There are 14,262 files on the server, of which 4,255 are images. That means there are almost 10,000 html pages. But here's the good news: Since Mar. 1 until today, Mar. 25, 2006, this website has had over 55,000 VISITS, the "hits" were in excess of 170,000. That is up 20,000 from last month's visits. I have no idea why, and they are not coming in by the pathways I have provided, therefore its just blind chance based on keyword strings. They're coming in "sideways" at random, seeking their own agendas. In fact, they know nothing of me until they get here, in other words, I have nothing to do with why they're here. All I can say is "fuck 'em", I mean WHO GIVES A FUCK what anybody thinks about this shit??? I did all the work and paid all the money. I'm taking down my hit counters because they are completely irrelevant.

In case you don't believe me, feel free to look at http://stats.popeye-x.com . See for yourself.

Check out the keyword search strings. You'll see the names of the Coxsuckers high on the list. What's odd is "The Faces Of Steve Cureton" is getting lots of visits because of its association with the word "hideous", but Cox and Taylor are obviously being searched for by a "robot". Trust me, NOBODY is really out there searching their stupid ass names, its one of Bob Cox's Autotest computers doing a routine search, to see what has been written without having to really read it.

This tally of over 55,000 visits THIS MONTH ought to bug the fuck out of those idiots. Now THAT'S what I call accomplishing something. By the way, the name, Claude "Butch" Morgan, is not in the statistics at all. That tells you something about the presence of these other clowns.



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