Mugtoe Mountain
popeye-x 06-04-14 10:58:53

you know, the whole issue of Mugtoe's love life is none of my business. first of all, its not my style, so I really don't know what I'm talking about from a FIRST HAND point of view. like all boys, I did finally learn how to jerk off, but that was after I had gotten pussy from beautiful girls, I won't mention any names. no lie, I got laid way before I ever learned sexual isometric exercises. you should have seen my girlfriend at the time I first jacked off. BEAUTIFUL BLONDE with nice big tits. I will admit I was 17 years old, kind of a late bloomer. hey I never heard of it! plus, when you're real cute like me, and you're in a band, things happen, and one of them is called pussy. I can't help that. I'm sorry if that makes you jealous (bob cox).

back to Mugtoe, me and Gypsy were talking yesterday, and we got on the subject of Mugtoe's sex life. that's not that weird, Gypsy is a robust woman in the prime of life, and she's from Holland, its totally natural over there to wonder what gay people are up to. don't ask me how, but the subject somehow got on whether Mugtoe was the "mommy fag" or the "daddy fag". please understand, Gypsy speaks pretty good English, but it wasn't an easy task to explain what she was asking me, still, I understood. (we have a psychic connection)

anyhow, seeing how Mugtoe is such a low voiced, low hangin' testicles kinda guy, I naturally defended him from the straight point of view and said he was the "daddy fag", of course, I'm his friend. Gypsy didn't think so, for some reason. she's Dutch, they know more about this sort of stuff, but it became a matter of small debate whether Mugtoe was the "butch" or not.

not that it matters. but Gypsy seemed to be leaning towards the direction that Mugtoe was, in fact, the "fem" one. I said his voice is very low! she laughed and said that didn't matter. then she said Mugtoe seemed "sensitive". well, she had me there, I had to admit he was very sensitive. I told her how Mugtoe came to town and only wanted to meet Gypsy Doug, which is very sensitive and quite impressive to both Gypsy and me.

as much as I hate to venture up on Mugtoe Mountain, stickin' my nose where it don't belong, I feel this question is better being resolved, rather than leaving us all hangin', right?. even NeverForget asked Mugtoe about his love life, so why can't I? I don't know the ropes of Wally World, let's hear from
the Great Toe himself, eh?

(I hope this doesn't gross anybody out, we're all adults, if you're not 18, get the fuck outta here!!!)



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