fascinating possum update

from: taco kid

apparently possums 12 and 13 are rookies compared to possum 11, they didn't run fast enough, actually they didn't run at all. possum 11 had been around for a while, he was good at avoiding me, but he kept pressing his luck. the last straw was when I saw his head poking out from around my studio mixing surface, right here in front of this keyboard I'm typing on. its bad enough with missy always walking here and trying to plant her butt on my weed all the time. possums are explorers, they crawl everywhere, high and low, sniffin'. hey, they're just trying to get a little something to eat, like the rest of us, but they're kinda stupid and slow. you talk about repetitious? you can shoo off a possum and it will come right back and do the same thing you just saw it do, and in the same place . #11 was trickier than I gave it credit for. I tried to catch it for a week and couldn't. I finally had to delete the little critter with brutal violence, something I don't prefer, but I'll do it. at 6 am I heard another, I got up and saw it at missy's bowl. it didn't even run away! obviously a new comer. I went over, got the pet carrier, put missy's bowl in it, set it in the same spot, one minute later, I hear the possum in the cage, chowing down on dry cat food. I walk over and close the door. got it on the first try! then I look down, and there's ANOTHER one, hiding in almost the same place I got #11. the same 2x6 plank is sitting there, so is the ball peen hammer, those are the tools I used on the last one, so BLAMMO, #13 gets aced like #11. I'm going to release #12, its in the cage right now trying desperately to get out. I'm pretty sure there's one more, I'm not making this up. #14 just might be smarter than the last three, because it took one look at me and hauled ass out the door. I don't know for sure that #13 wasn't that same one. They always repeat whatever they've done before, even if its suicidal. They're like a rodent in that respect, predictable and easy to lure. it really hurts to have to kill them, they're so cuddly and cute. they don't know what they're doing wrong, they just wanna eat. ooo, this #12 possum is trying to knaw its way out of the cage. you should see the teeth on this little monster!



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