Inquiries About Claude Morgan And The Blast

From: the keyboard player

This goes out to all the people who have contacted me asking about the availability of Blast music and videos. What you loyal Blast fans fail to realize is Claude "Butch" Morgan never gave a shit about any of you, or any of us in the band. ALL that ever mattered to Morgan was HIMSELF, and his songwriting. His little infantile ego trip was the only thing that was allowed to be important. Things like creating product for the audience to buy, or making money for the band to have a little nest egg to survive with, or even putting anyone else's names on the albums were not even in Morgan's mind. It was all about HIM, and ONLY about him. He was especially clueless as to WHY the audience liked his songs, his guitar playing, and his band. He just naturally assumed it was his "stardom". After a few years, the band, and anyone around him, knew all too well about how self centered and blind he actually was. We all believed in his potential to entertain audience, we saw the phenomenon with our own eyes on a daily basis, and we all worked very hard for many years trying to achieve some kind of progress, some of us even realized his talent was more than good, it was phenomenally GREAT, definitely on the level of the so-called great artists, you may pick any name that you desire, examine their music and their lyrics, compare it to the classic Blast era Claude Morgan music, and Morgan's shit has stood the test of time. So where can we hear and see it? YOU CAN'T! Why the fuck not? Couldn't the Blast record albums? As a matter of fact, we COULD. I have 4 or 5 sitting on the shelves at my studio, (actually I have MORE, but at least 4 or 5 albums worth). Except for the Augie Meyers produced Blast Thru The Past masters, I have ALL the Blast multitrack masters at my house, just sitting there, doing nothing. And why is that? Couldn't we afford to finish them or make them available? OF COURSE we could afford it, in fact, we couldn't afford NOT to produce all of it to the fullest extent of the American dollar bill. We certainly have the studio talent to have done it, I've made so many albums of my own music, and been on albums by others, I lost count years ago how many records it is. My tune CRACKBABY has been downlaoded 77 times in 14 days this month alone. So what's the problem? The problem is Claude "Butch" Morgan. He's probably the worst band leader in history, and the way he's fucked off all the work we did is CRIMINAL. He should be severely horsewhipped in a public place, and made to apologize to each and every person who ever loved him. He's a lying asshole, so full of himself, and so WRONG about what it is people like about him, and so blindingly SELFISH, he just cannot function on what most people would think of as a "professional level". His whole Jesus trip is rooted in this big guilt trip he carries around like a ball and chain, and rightfully so, he NEEDS something like total mind control just to get thru the day. He knows he's fucked it all up, but does this stop him from continuing to fuck it up? Hell, no. He's still lying all the time, in fact, he lies more now than before. Everyone who works with him knows this, the ones who have stayed with him choose to look the other way. They really think he's going to take them to the top someday, but I guarantee you, if you asked them in private, with no possibility of word leaking out, they'd tell you they know he's incompetent and a total liar, the fact is he is TOLERATED by these sad-sacks who have nothing else better to work towards. If you're thinking being a preacher for Jesus has changed anything for the good, you're full of shit. Morgan just uses that for something to hide behind, his whole public persona as a spiritual leader who's going to pray for us is an obnoxious, totally fake FRONT. Perhaps someday, IF I HAVE TIME AND I'M NOT TOO DISGUSTED AND PISSED OFF, I will take these Blast masters and render them into something the audience can buy, but I'll tell you right now, the money is going into an escrow account and will not be divided up until Mr. Morgan pays a few outstanding BILLS he owes. I doubt if he'll ever see a dime, just because of storage fees alone.



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