Girls prefer to jump rope in place

from: It is the opposite for boys
08 Sep 2006

The stage of entry into Oedipus is shown aesthetically no longer in the desire to make jewelry for themselves but to receive jewelry she doesn't have; but also she tells stories, she identifies with the heroine, and the heroine has a gentleman who gives her rings, necklaces, or cars. Now that women conduct themselves like men, girls like to have a little car among their various objects, but they don't play with the car as do boys, who make the car go back and forth. The little boy identifies himself with the strongest one, while the girl takes care of her own body as the sign of being the special object of the male. Motor games are much more static for girls than for boys. Girls prefer to jump rope in place, to turn in a circle hopping on one leg, for two girls together to throw a ball without changing place. It is the opposite for boys. When one sees a boy play with a stone, he throws it as far as possible and doesn't retrieve it. If the girl throws a stone, she likes it returned or she will go to look for it. She likes to keep something and to play with what she keeps. Her ethics is as much anal as it is vaginal. The girl begins to invest in favored boys. She calls them "boy friends," she tries to be kissed, she gets the boy to pull her hair before he says "let's run away". She does it for a minute, but she is not really interested: what she wants is to know that she is his favorite. What the boy wants is to play with her in games involving movement.



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