Dear Ragheads

from: Outraged American
13 Sep 2006

Dear Ragheads, Fuck off! Apologize? What the fuck for? We forced some Iraqis to strip naked and form pyramids. We humiliated them? Too fucking bad. You want us to apologize? OK. We'll make you a deal. You apologize for 9/11. It was your Arab brothers who killed 3000 innocent civilians. We're waiting for your fucking apology. You're lucky we didn't nuke the Middle East you barbarous bastards. And how about the fucking Palestinians dancing in the streets? How about a fucking apology from those dickheads? They're real brave the way they kill pregnant women and little children. Big brave Arabs. Where's the fucking apology there Mahmoud? Where's the apology for the Americans killed in Gaza who were on their way to give out scholarships to Palestinian children. Where's the apology there you camel fucking assholes? Tell you what we'll do. Since stripping down naked is humiliating, why don't we just go back to what you dickheads are used to? Why don't we just break your legs, rape your women, and feed you leg first into shredders? There was no outrage throughout the Arab world about that. I guess that would be OK. Even one of the prisoners said that what the American guards did to him was worse than what Saddam's torturers had done. Holy shit! We fucked up! Talk about cultural insensitivity. We need to give you fuckers real torture. That would fit right in with your fucked up culture. Our mistake. Here we are trying to drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st Century from your fucking 8th Century fucked up culture and freeing you from a madman and his two sadistic sons who have killed and tortured thousands of Iraqis. We had a few bad apples fuck with a few prisoners. Guess what? Unlike you, we are gonna do sumpin' about it. You buttwipes would be dancing in the streets if Americans were tortured and humiliated. Check out the bodies hanging from the bridge in Fallujah. We don't tolerate that kinda bullshit. The perps will be tried and punished. Some will go to prison. And I didn't see any Americans dancing in the streets when we saw the photos of what went on in the prison. We were repulsed. We are civilized. We are not barbarians. Unfortunately, most of you Arab dipshits are. All we have to do is look at the way you treat your women. We are trying to give you an opportunity for a better life. We have freed the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator. We are trying to establish a democracy in Iraq, a tough task indeed, since it doesn't appear that the Iraqis, like the rest of the Arab world are capable of self gummint. We didn't want to fuck with you people, but we had two choices: either try to get you to join the civilized world or to kill you all. The second choice keeps looking better and better.



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