although my dog
IDOLIZED Bevis Griffin,
my cat did not

from: popeye-x 28 Oct 2006 14:32:01

This is a photo of Bevis Griffin singing to my dog, Willy. As you can plainly see, Willy was transfixed by this wonderful person singing to him, he would sit there staring at Bevis as long as Bevis was willing to go on.

However, several years later, my cat, Buddy, was not so impressed with Mr. Griffin. Bevis and one of his Austin girlfriends (formerly the girlfriend of somebody famous on the Austin scene, oh whoopie!) were sitting on my king sized Sealy Posturpedic talking, then they got up and left. Buddy immediately got on the bed, smelled the spot where they were sitting, and suddenly started pissing REAL HARD, I never heard him piss that hard before. Real quick it spread out into a 3 foot wide puddle, and then soaked right down into the mattress. I said "Buddy! What the fuck are you doing?" He looked at me with pride as if to say, "No worries, Daddy, I got you covered!" Did I get pissed off? How could I? I was laughing too fucking hard at my territorial protector.

About Bevis Griffin: absolutely the best singer I ever worked with, we had a great group for about 5 minutes called RAWHEAD, highly recommended to be worth giving a listen. I heard lately Bevis has been doing stand-up comedy under the name Katt Williams, (that turned out to be a joke). Again, I highly recommend you check him out, during that 5 minutes we had a hot band, I NEVER laughed so fucking much in my life, not even in my years with Claude Morgan. Bevis was constantly chattering this black humor, translating our studio plans into 'street ebonics', a couple of times I thought for sure I was going to expire from laughing so hard. Its a shame RAWHEAD went nowhere, especially considering we got a record contract offer IMMEDIATELY. All I can say is Bevis just wasn't ready for Popeye-X, which is a shame. By now, RAWHEAD could have been very well established, this was 20 years ago, in 1990. I hold no hard feeling about the complete failure of something that was so good, by now I have seen it happen that way MANY times in my fucked up career, I'm even getting used to it.

RAWHEAD band photo ::: Sound Bites mp3

samples of Bevis Griffin's voice can be heard on these tunes:

Big Fat Liar ::: Fool



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