Classic Albums

from: Cicero
18 May 2007

I just discovered the most amazing TV program, "Classic Albums" on VH1-classic (a channel I didn't even know had quietly slipped onto my Tivo). It consists of the artists, producers, engineers, album cover designer and every conceivable person involved in making some of the best albums of all time - revisiting their masterpieces in the same studios, on the same machines, instruments, tapes, bongs, whatever... HOLY FUCK! I'm talking about Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker SHOWING YOU what they played, why they played it, who wrote it and what it all means on Cream's "DISREALI GEARS," along with the producer, Arif Mardin, detailing all the intricacies involved, Clapton showing you the licks he played (and more importantly, why he played them) on the SAME STRAT, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker detailing their parts, song by song... it's almost impossible to describe (as I just discovered, ha ha). We're also talking "OVERNIGHT SENSATION" by Frank F. Zappa (Dweezil sits in for Frank) with all the musicians discussing their craft and recalling what it was like to work with Frank on this particular album (Ruth Underwood shows the exact same chart Frank dashed off for "Cozmik Debris" and procedes to play it on the marimba - at full clip - perfectly, note-for-note, after over 30 years of potential rustiness defied) and Dweezil leads the band in a flawless live reproduction, all within the framework of a song-by-song review complete with memories, thoughts and commentaries by all ivolved, including Frank's hapless spouse. There's also Phil Collins' turn with his own show on his album "FACE VALUE," ( http://tinyurl.com/3xe46y ) where he shows you who REALLY discovered the famous "gated drum" sound, used on "In the Air Tonight."



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