Re: remember when the internet was a lot funnier than it is now?

from: Steve Lineberger
29 Nov 2007
20:49:07 -0600

Ungowa Kurt! Long time no anything right? Well Aria, Rhema & I are here in South Eastern Arizona and have ben for the last few years. Kaye, unfortunately also just moved here recently. A judge in San Antonio paid her busfare just to get here out of the state. Now she's our problem. She's still being as erratic, annoying, demanding, manipulative & galling as ever. Kaye is homeless and just lost her job when she got into a fight with the local crack whore who broke Kaye's finger. She got somebody to drop her of on my porch, fucked up on painkillers, booze or both. Kaye not only demanded to have her visitation with the girls, but expected me to drive her back into town so she could get a motel room for her and the girls to stay in tonight. Her attitude made me almost sick with anger. If for the fact that the girls hadn't seen her for 3 weeks and wanted to spend time with her I would have told her to walk the 10 miles back to town. But instead I drove her back while feeling pissed off. It made me remember when she would call you on the phone when she and I were married. Inevitably she would have you screaming at her. Now of course I totally understand. Anyway feeling this pissed off at her made me think of you and inspired me to write to you. Is that woman still obsessed with you and your site, or did she finally get a life? Remember, the one who called the police on you and wanted to get you banned from the internet. That was hilarious. I noticed you have the regular Popeye X plus an anti Popeye X site. I thought maybe this woman had established that site, but upon investigation discovered it was actually your own. I guess you figured that way you'd have both bases covered. Perversely brilliant I must say. ANyway if you have any inclination to respond to this you can write back to me at Stevel@mailpuppy.com. Or I also have the obligatory site on Myspace like every other carbon based life form. You might want to see that if only to see pictures of Aria & Rhema. My name there is Stevenus Mergatroyd or look for it among the few entries out of Safford Arizona. ANyway I'll leave you to your misanthropic jollies. Tootles for now and remember "the sun is not yellow, it is chicken". Steve



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