if you could only have one tool,
what would be the best tool to have?

from: popeye-x 10 Jan 2008

a knife? a screwdriver? a language? a gun? what tool would give you the optimum capability do what you gotta do? education? experience? a swiss army penis? if i only could have one tool, it would have to be the best, so what is the best?
its called imagination... what the fuck? ...think about it...
imagination is a tool inside your brain, and it has the unique function of enabling you to think your own thoughts, without having to rely on someone else's thoughts to verify you have it right. even if its a situation where you don't know anything at all, you can use your own imagination to picture the various possibilities, and make a good guess. even if you are completely wrong, a properly used imagination will alert you to your mistake faster.
to get the best benefit from a tool, you must learn how to use it right. having a good memory is useful for things you already know, or think you know. but a good imagination is even better, but you have to keep your mind open to more possibilities than just what you think you know... you could be wrong, and you wouldn't be able to detect the errors if you only depend on your memory and preset knowledge. having an good imagination give you the unique advantage of thinking up something you don't know yet...
if you learn how to exercise the imagination muscle in your brain, you can build it up like a body builder's arms or legs, it will pump up to an almost grotesque size, like popeye's forearms, or the hunchback of notre dame's hump, but its in your brain, no one can see it but you. you could dose it with mind steroids and have a monstrosity of an imagination in your brain at all times, and no one will know unless you demonstrate its Frankenstein strength. quite a handy thing to have in your mind's pocket... a steam shovel sized data mover that can move tons of industrial strength thought patterns at the drop of a hat, or a turd...
a really robust, athletically superb imagination gives to the best access to every other tool available. you can figure out how to use those tools properly all by yourself, keep it in shape and you have the power to think your own thoughts, from scratch, and be right most of the time, but still alert to the possibility you could be wrong. this gives you the privilege of making up your own mind about what's right and what's not right, and anyone who tries to deprive you of that privilege has to prove to your imagination's satisfaction WHY you are wrong.
if they can't do that, then you have every right in the universe to depend on your own thoughts. you can think for yourself because you have a healthy, well-oiled imagination up there to make your own decisions and not be needlessly limited by lesser minds and idiotic lamerz who cannot think at all. like a cripple who can't walk forcing you to not walk too, even though you aren't crippled.
mental cripples with no imagination who function solely by preset rules they are fed from an external source, like the holy scriptures, or the general consensus will resent your ability to think up presets they've never heard of and refuse to imagine... because they CAN'T do it. they have no imagination to think with. they have to rely on god to think for them, even though god gave them their own brain to use, they don't know how to use it. their imagination muscle has atrophied and fallen off, like a withered arm, or a rotted testicle that drips green pus and has maggots crawling in the goo.
of course, eventually this rotted, infected, dead imagination muscle poisons the whole system, and your body has no choice but to go where your mind went... in the toilet.

oh yeah, the second best tool to have is a toilet in your brain that will flush out the shit real quick.

now you can easily imagine why i made this toiletside reader... think about it...

and please remember to wipe your own brain's ass...



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