from: popeye-x 05 Feb 2008

i hate this motherfucker named brian "head" welch, former guitarist for KORN who turned christian high on amphetamines, up reading the bible for 5 days. standard speed freak proceedure! that's fine, but the way he takes the name of speed in vain really pisses me off!!!! fuck this asshole, i'm going to write up a whole thing about this hypocrite bastard. he's making drugs look bad!!!

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Carole Cunningham Burger: um, just a thought here... and yeah, I know a bit of what I speak of - drugs really don't need alot of help looking bad... if you look at them while you're sober, that is.

Kurt Otto: agreed, ms. burger, but here is my philosophy in a nutshell... its one thing to make your band look bad, its quite another when you make jesus look bad... but when you make crystal meth look bad, you've gone too far!

Carole Cunningham Burger: hmmm. you lost me. Somewhere around the priority between the 2nd and 3rd listed items... but then, I think I am famiiar enough with the portion of your philosophy that you publicize to know we must agree to disagree on this point. Peace.

Kurt Otto: ok, but there is a 4th item... and this is my point: here's this sleezebag egomaniac rockstar, with tattoos, mascara, annie oakley pigtails, and a screwed up wife from hell who's even more strung out than he is, he makes a deal with a publi...shing company who hooks him up with a ghost writer and BAM, he's hawking his new best seller "god, please save me from myself", with the tagline "its the guy from KORN!!!", in other words still leeching off the horse he rode in on... the very thing he is saying is BAD, (we won't even go to the part where he's up for 5 days reading the bible amped out of his skull), cut to the chase, he's saying all of this on the 700 Club, and PAT ROBERTSON is so fired up, he's almost foaming at the mouth... he's the spiritual leader who said 911 was god's wrath coming down on america for trying to let lesbians be equal... in my book, brian welch is WORSE than pastor ted haggard

Kurt Otto: "In Texas, itís common knowledge that the current wars on the Mexico-Texas border are, to a large extent, about drugs. Ironically, the two strongest groups that want to maintain the status quo of prohibition are the drug dealers and many Christian conservatives - two groups with opposite motivations but who share a common interest in keeping the drug war going." - dr. ron paul, quoting the chapter "prohibition", from the book "liberty defined".



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