remember when
claude butch morgan
was "hip"?
by popeye-x 12 Mar 2008

he used to be sort of a trailblazer and inspiration to many younger musicians around here, they admired the way he got his band going and got his name in the paper and had such a knack for packaging himself in clever ways that showed he had some kind of INSIGHT to what is APPEALING to a music audience.

but look at him now... he looks like the crazy derelict prospector on gunsmoke or green acres, he's just like a hopeless goofball from mayberry that NO ONE would want to be like, but is still tolerated by the condescending masters of normalcy like andy griffith who UNDERSTAND why even the most ridiculous idiot has some redeeming value.
you know how they kind of wink knowingly when someone is horrified at the sight of a scraggly drunken hillbilly woman cooking a possum in the "cement pond"? yuk yuk yuk. who's to say the upper crust like the thurston howell's and the drysdales aren't just as idiotic as the ernest t's and the festus hagen's?

i mean, who's to say?
 ...sam kindrick? ...jim beal, jr? ...ron young? WHO?

i'll tell you who... ME, motherfucker.

of course i'm the scum of the earth... but i do have one redeeming "fault" you may find enlightening. I DON'T LIE!

that's right, i'm gonna step up and risk some automatic approval and just come right out and say it! in 2008, claude butch morgan looks and sounds like SHIT... pitiful shit at that. what happened?

again i will just come right out and be politically incorrect and tell you... JESUS is what happened. jesus HEALED claude of all his hipness and insight and restored him to blind hopeless bumpkin, complete with minimal effort cheesy "live off of the PA mixer" cd's, and maximum effort cd release party gigs where they recorded the same old worn out shit, only you get to pay $40 and you get a shit-gig cd and a "free" t-shirt signed by... claude butch morgan.

oh whoopie, its a ME TOO social club, like mickey mouse club or cap'n gus... only STUPID!!! and now you can just add OLD and CRAZY to the list.

oh popeye-x, shutup, you're just jealous and crazy!

am i? you wanna debate the issue? bring it on, i will go point by point with you in any direction you wanna go, especially if it quotes the BIBLE. but that won't happen... why? you know damn well why... i'm right.
its all jesus' fault and claude morgan is a perfect example of the brain damage potential of such a fucked up mind destroying and dehumanizing system as so-called "christianity".

you disagree? prove me wrong, motherfucker, you can do it right here for free. i won't delete it. tell me WHY and HOW i'm wrong and back it up with Rational English. i defy ANYONE out there to show me where i'm wrong about this.

wake up and smell the coffee... its full of skunk piss and the facts of reality are coagulating before your bloodshot eyes...

...face it, claude butch morgan is no longer "hip".



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