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BIRTH DATE: December 30, 1945, Manchester, England CLAIM TO FAME: Well unless you're very, very young you will know Davy for his role as the cute, little one in 'The Monkees'. And if you're slightly older then you may know him for his role in the stage production of 'Oliver'. FAMILY LIFE: Anita Pollinger (January 1981 - 1996) (divorced) Linda Haines (October 1968 - c. 1975) (divorced) His daughters' names are Anabel, Talia, Sarah, and Jessica. Dated: Lulu (singer, dated 1966) Sally Field (actress, dated 1966-67) Deana Martin (daughter of Dean Martin, dated 1967) INFO: Davy Jones began working as a professional actor as a teenager, on Britain's long-running soap Coronation Street. He worked often as a child actor, but his real yearning was the race track. He dropped out of school at 14 to become an apprentice jockey, but his success as an actor compelled him to give it up. At 15, he originated the role of Artful Dodger in the London premiere of Oliver!. TRIVIA: Height is just 5' 3" Because of his popularity with the Monkees, another singer named David Jones was forced to change his name to David Bowie. Appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964 with the cast of 'Oliver' (as the Artful Dodger). This is the same night The Beatles made their legendary debut. Nominated for the Tony Award in the early 1960s - he played the role of the Artful Dodger in 'Oliver'. Celebrated his climb as a performer on his first American visit (touring with 'Oliver!') by having steak at every meal for a month, "including breakfast." He'd never had it growing up. In 1967, Variety reported that the hectic pace of Monkees stardom had left Jones exhausted, and that he would make no personal appearances for at least several weeks. Only years later, in Jones' autobiography, did the truth come out: He had received his draft notice, and immediately gone on a fast, reducing his frame to a scrawny 109 pounds by the date of his induction. As he had hoped, Jones flunked the physical, and successfully sidestepped the Vietnam War. His popularity with teenage girls led to the casting of look- alike Walter Koenig by the producers of "Star Trek", who were looking to attract a younger, more female audience. Shares a birthday with fellow Monkee Michael Nesmith. Initial Salary for "The Monkees" $450/episode Got a DUI in 1994 For his 50th birthday, Jones got his jockey's license in Pennsylvania, where he now lives. WHERE IS HE NOW: Davy is still singing and acting. You may have seen him on a commercial or two. He's also involved with Kohlís Cares For Kids. Davy teamed up with author Sandra Boynton to create a book and song titled "Your Personal Penguin" to support the cause. Still recording too... Davy's latest release is a new CD in 2008, Incredible Revisited. Has a home in Beavertown, Pennsylvania. WRITE TO DAVY JONES: Davy Jones c/o Staff Member Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty (LA) 10635 Santa Monica Blvd #130 Los Angeles, CA 90025 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.davyjones.net/ VIDEO CLIP: The Monkees Wild Documentary... Head http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=9210



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