Re: heart trouble

from: Xal and Ke
03 Oct 2007
10:06:18 -0500

Shit man, don't scare us. Take good care of yourself and follow pops' advice and get a second opinion. It's better to double-check and err on the side of caution. Stay around at least until we've been able to meet you IRL man ! Xal and Ke


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heart trouble redux

from: Mugtoe
03 Oct 2007
19:55:10 -0500

They did the treadmill test with the radioactive stuff today and found a pretty bad blockage. They're gonna put me in the hospital Friday morning and put a stent in my heart. It's not bypass surgery, and the procedure itself is pretty routine. I'm just freaked out that I've suddenly become such an invalid. I'm assuming that I can recover pretty well from this and be back out in the garden next year, but I'm stayin off cigs and stayin off fats and sugar from here on out, and I'll do what they tell me. I get worn out just goin up and down the stairs into my place. I'll be in Methodist here in Oak Cliff on Friday night, and they'll probably let me come home on Saturday. Dad's comin in Friday afternoon to visit for a bit with my sister. I'll be fine, but this whole thing kinda fucked with my head a bit. I've always been pretty indestructible up to now. Ever since I got off that Jenny Crank Diet and started eatin all that mezkin food, my life has been up and down. Anyway, just figured I'd give a report. I'll holler at you when they get done with me. oxox