Don't Buy Flip Flops From Wal-Mart?
Bob Cox Replies From China

From: popeye-x 19 Sep 2007 infomania

From Robert Cox:
Everything is made in China.. Every good and bad product you buy is 95% likely to come from China. America has no manufacturing capability at a price that anyone will pay for. The factories have even moved out of Mexico because they are not as good as China and the parts needed to produce a product there are not available at a cost you can sell the product for. Look at this web site and read the comments from Doctors... This is contact dermatitis and has nothing to do with chemicals. Just wearing this type of shoe...

Taylor's and Cureton's Ticket To Hell... the epitome of chickenshitThere is a lot of misguided China bashing going on.. Sure there are some Chinese trying to make a quick buck (Yean).. We are teaching them capitalism... Right??? This leads to a few factories making anything, any way, for a profit... But there are also many more good factories in China controlled by international companies and good Chinese companies making very good products... I drive a VW made in Shanghai and it is the best new car with the fewest defects (actually none) of any new car I have ever purchased... I have about 12,000 miles now on it, all in China.

Well, my friends, as you can probably tell, this is THE END of the story.

where are they now?
hiding under rocks
scattered in the wind
connect these dots

ron travis
mike taylor
bob cox



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