popeye-x is a very NICE dj from hell
if he can see you're serious about it - 30 Sep 2007

popeye-x is not a dj, not really, never has been. been more into playing my own music, pre-recorded, pre-programmed, and/or live, or else other people's music in a live band. i have listened to records CONSTANTLY, or whenever not playing an instrument, for over 40 years. i am addicted to the sound of a needle on vinyl, but i like compact discs alright, too. i have close to 1000 albums, LP's, CD's, a few cassette tapes, by all kinds of artists. i have way more than i can possibly listen to. i bought about 50% of them just to see how they were recorded and mixed. i have 100's of records by bands i dont even like, like abba and boston. i always find records i don't remember buying, or ever hearing of the groups, i just know they suck, and i'm sick of them. i met this guy who got himself a technics turntable and is seriously into spinning vinyl. because he's crazy enough to like THAT, i search thru my chaotic mass of records and just pull them out and GIVE them to him. in addition to the shit i want gone, i always include a few gems i've collected. these i want to keep, but i give a few away anyway. why? because i have plenty, and the guy is into it. i gave him 12' singles of NWA, Ice T, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, full albums of Revolting Cocks, break beats, etc. good shit, to go with the "scratching" shit. once he gets all this squared away in his head, i'm going to show him Reaktor nd unveil a little of the No Doubt freak mixes. yes, look behind the curtain... into the flames... the turntables are samples from a kandinsky painting...
who's kandinsky???