Slayer as Psychostimulant

from: Xal 05 Oct 2007

I found the following on why-slayer-is-brain-programming Some people wonder why I like Slayer so much. Then I got to wondering the same thing myself, and while wondering this I started thinking about William Gibsonís microsofts (again).

Here is my theory: Slayerís music acts just like a microsoft. It plugs directly into the part of your brain that takes over when youíre running from a sabertoothed tiger. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your heart race. Three hundred thousand years of evolution peeled back by the Slayer microsoft.

This is why I think Slayer is so revered by so many. They have figured something out that no other musical act has - how to plug directly into the lizard brain.............

Anyway, this one synchronizes very well with my theory that Slayer manages to stimulate the same brain circuitry as psychostimulant drugs do. I would like to see some research on brain activity during a Slayer listening session and compare it to the brain action of for instance nicotine. Or listening to Slayer live and compare it to speed or coke....it might be a very surprising outcome and would be an interesting thought in the war-on-drugs-debate. Take care, Xal

PPX says: I saw slayer live in aug. 88, and I don't think i could have been any more jacked up on severe biker crank than I was that night, or any other night. how did it compare? it was incomparable. what war ON drugs? it was war FOR drugs, and the drugs WON, bigtime. but it was transparent, because there was never any doubt about drugs, only about slayer. were they just a metal to the point of absurdity joke, like I assumed? hey, my 18 year old girlfriend was the one who liked them so much. I was skeptical. READ MY LIPS: slayer proved there and then they were no joke. one of the greatest live bands i have ever experienced, i'm serious. they were so good, in fact, they also settled the whole war on drugs debate for all time. the government and the christians can disagree all they want... I was there, I was high, I know what I'm talking about. slayer was right, and they are wrong. about drugs, about god, about slayer, its snowballed from there. I have SEVERE doubts that the government and the christians will ever be right about anything. does that answer your question?



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