what is the purpose of anything?

from: scientific brain cell user
24 Apr 2008 infomania

before you get yer panties in a bunch trying to answer that question, don't even bother trying to prove it... they did some calculations about the overall purpose of the universe and its existence. they figured it out very simply, without adding up or subtracting or anything scientific beyond basic honesty to yourself about the evidence sitting right under your nose all the time... but you don't see it... anywhere... see what?

THE purpose of it all. "so god would have human beings to love him back" that's the purpose? that's no purpose at all. nothing else makes any sense. what the fuck are you talking about, that makes even less sense than empty nothingness. keep in mind, nothingness doesn't have a purpose. it doesn't need a purpose to NOT BE THERE. and that's the only obvious alternative to the "so god wouldn't get lonely" theory.

well, here's what they proved real quick:
existence has no purpose, at all.

how can it, you don't even know what it means? it doesn't mean anything. exactly equal to empty nothingness, or non-existence, if you prefer to act like you think you know what that really means, go right ahead, be my guest. it will be ok. everything = nothing, nothingness = infinite blank space... so why would anyone get bent out of shape demanding this website have a declared purpose? its only a website... what about this galaxy, motherfucker?

see that brain cell in your head? if you don't use it, it has no purpose, so get a clue, YOU are the one who has no purpose to read this. i guarran-damn-tee ya i wrote it on purpose. ...to put it in this website, what else? if it weren't for this webpage being here, right now, it wouldn't be much of a website, would it? it may not be all that important, or even "ok as long as its not harmful to children" no problem, i always intended this website to be harmful to adults, not children. why?

because if they wanna makes cyanide and amphetamines and wind up dead real quick, then fine, at least this website has a definite purpose behind it:"don't harm them... KILL THEM" but make them do all the work and take all the blame. do all their dope, then borrow their weed-eaters, and don't give 'em back... then simply change your yahoo password.

sound familiar? its a diabolical masterplan hatched by a totally selfish son of a bitch too blind to see anything but his own moronic delusion of himself. the purpose of this website is not HIM, so obviously this website has no discernable reason to exist.


yes or no?
dead silence

now I KNOW you're straight-up lyin',
just making it up as you go along,

well, yes and no, if it wasn't here,
that would be a complete waste of
blank, empty space

that IS the purpose of this webaite
face it, its a proven fact, this website
 is a complete waste of time
for you to read it...
not for me to write it.

by the way, see the pic?
that kid was one yearold at the time.
he couldn't walk. he couldn't talk.
but still, he knew to play those keys
with his fingers to make sound...
he couldn't even stand up,
he's hanging on to the keyboard
for stability while he's playing it
we said "go, kid, go!"
then he started dancing while playing
how did he know to do that?
he didn't know, it was all out of necessity.
and that is precisely what made this website so
goddamn necessary in the first place



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