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From: walking along thru logs
of the brain forest 08-06-29

you obviously know a lot of ins and outs about gay stuff, like what a certain group of naked guys might be waiting around for their turn to do it... their turn to do what?  that's the part i don't quite get

all these guys are in a gay porn movie, and they're standing around this fag of central interest, he's laying on his stomach, and he has a funnel stuck in his ass.

is this like gay slapstick, where they all got naked for the camera, and this guy happened to pick up a funnel, and was struck by a great idea?....

so its like a "funnel" joke right?

in his ass, right?

i get that part. but what is the funnel actually for? to get all their come in his ass?

let's ask the executive producer of this video classic:

"we're making a film, its kind of a gay porn,
naked guys just goofin' around bein' gay,
and that's the movie!"

its actually hilarious as hell, but you'd have to understand what an "inside" joke it must be to experienced booty call superstuds...

hey, if getting shit on your dick is your idea of "a good piece of ass", you'll love this flick!

its sooo fucking clever, i bet it was improvised on the spot, right? the word, "funnel" wasn't even in the script, but hey, once you get everybody naked and turn on the camera, that's when the real magic just starts happenin'!

damn that funnel in a guy's ass is so logical, it almost goes without saying, it makes perfect sense to a whole posse of turd burglars

rolls eyes and mutters, "somebody's mom saw it on tv by accident, she naturally assumed it was a medical documentary of some kind, you know, a reality show for medicinal purposes only? she only saw the mere'st samplin', just clicking the remote at random and, BOOM, there it was on the screen..."

my question is this:

am i right? or have i completely missed the point of the "funnel in the ass" schtick?

its like saying "oboy, more in my ass!" like he's kidding, but really that's what they all want, and that's the joke?

if it was a reality show he would have an enema bag, right?

i can see how a funnel is more entertaining from a cinematic perspective.

oh, nevermind, i should just stick to my straight porn, where the funnel would go in a GIRL'S ASS! wait! ok, now i get it!!!! hahahaha!

hey guys... sorry if i distracted you from your escapade up on brokeback mountain, where two rugged mr. potatoheads square off in a tag team circle jerk, tit for tat tater tot spud-busters, just out to cop a good buzz and bust a few nuts

its only the mere'est samplin', officer...
used for medicinal purposes only




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