why is this called "pornographic"?

From: were they using it to ignite their masturbation rituals? 08-08-07

from an online article:

Stone-age figurines depicting what could be the oldest pornographic scene in the world have been unearthed in Germany. Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the 7,200-year-old remnants of a man having intercourse with a woman. The extraordinary find, at an archaeological dig in Saxony, shatters the belief that sex was a taboo subject in that era.

Until now, the oldest representations of sexual scenes were frescos from about 2,000 years ago. Harald Stäuble of the Archaeological Institute of Saxony, based in Dresden, discovered the 8cm lower half of a man, which has been named Adonis von Zschernitz.

"A unique find," reported Spiegel magazine. "This is the oldest male clay figurine ever discovered in the world." But the most amazing find came at the dig in Leipzig one month later, when Dr Stäuble found what could be the matching female figurine. Dr Stäuble, who is due to publish a paper on his findings this year, said: "After finding Adonis, we got the team to sieve every speck of soil for a whole month. We were well rewarded because we then found fragments of a female figurine of the same size."

He added: "Adonis is bent forward and the female figure is bent forward even more.

"There are two ways of looking at this. The first is that they were doing a ritual dance, but the other possibility is that the man and woman were copulating and that he was standing behind her. The copulation option is far more likely, and would make this the oldest representation ever of a pornographic scene."

Until now, there have been discoveries of clay models of women with large breasts and bottoms, which have always been interpreted as connected with fertility. But Adonis was the first figurine that clearly depicted male sexual organs.

"This is such an interesting discovery," said Dr Sträuble, "as these
figurines are
not stylistic, but realistic.

They open up a gateway for historians and anthropologists to
discuss whether sex really was a taboo subject in the stone age."

popeye-x comments:

the theory ----> in the stone age, the subject of sex was taboo.

the reality ----> knowing how to fuck and make babies was the one thing they did know.

this was the foundation that all knowledge, religion, and science are built upon. these "earliest known" examples of art reflect this fact, (where babies come from), and from that time until now, that information has not changed. not even one little bit.

men and women still fuck, and a babies still come out of the women.

the purpose of art is to transmit a message that is forever.

if you wanna use it to help you jack off, go right ahead,
but that is not the message of this art.

do you see any statues of jacking off? no? just fucking?

then its not pornography, it is both science and religion.

why did they make those statues?

they made them to set them up in a special place, a spiritual place...

and then they talked to them...  from deep down inside.

is that pornographic? no its prayer.

is it true faith, or just mental masturbation?

does it really make any difference?

fucking is still fucking.

that's where you, me, them, and everyone else came from.

of course the dick and balls have to be realistic, that's the whole point.

if that bothers you, you need to stop being so unrealistic.

why should it be taboo now?

its not like its been a deep, dark secret all this time...

that was the first thing they figured out, and they stuck by it.
it turns out they were 100% right, and now you wanna hide it?

what you need to do is face reality in the modern world, grow up,
and try to be like that male statue's dick and balls...


instead of stylistic.



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