can you be president,
and a good mom,
at the same time?

From: popeye-x 08-09-04

ok, before i explain my viewpoint, i want to make crystal clear that all you sub-mental stupid ass hypocrite american DUMBASSES are going to go reeling in mental and political agony when you catch the drift of this wisdom. i just want you to know, up front, if you don't agree with me 100% on this issue i consider you MENTALLY UNFIT TO VOTE, so fuck you! your opinion doesn't mean jackshit to the real world, if you get to vote at all, then just be happy i'm not in the govt because i would do everything in my power to have americans like you who fall below the "acceptible level of total stupidity" BANNED from any voting booth! and you can't come back and vote until you pass a "not too stupid to be shot in the head" test.

i think being the mother of a downes syndrome child on a daily basis would be an EXCELLENT thing for a president to have on her mind, along with all the other "serious" bullshit a president has to do every day. this is exactly the kind of perspective and mental calibration presidents NEED TO HAVE, to keep their heads out of their asses, kind of a calibration device, if you will.

certainly a president can get all the necessary help to handle such a situation, so its not a matter of logistics at all,  but rather ADVANCED HUMANITY IN THE REAL WORLD, a totalitarian brain mutation, something professional politicians, especially presidents, desperately need.

does anybody disagree? FUCK YOU! i don't want your opinion in my life, on my tv, in my government, or influencing decisions that affect my world. you're too stupid to be anywhere near a microphone!

we need children, especially the ones with special needs, to keep our heads in touch with our hearts, because let's face it, WE ALL HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS. especially the need to be human beings, instead of party line political phonies who'll say anything to avoid sticking to the real business of government, which is not, and never will be christian morality, racist bigotry, or the ultimate form of american ignorance, namely the idiotic concept that MOMS, the ones who gave us this life, can't handle ANY FUCKING JOB IN THIS LIFE!

yes, even including going on tv and lying thru their teeth every goddamn day and delegating all the rest, with an occasional big decision from time to time. its easy when you're surrounded by know it all's who give you information as you need it. how do you think ronald reagan saved the free world with an alzhiemer's infected brain? oh he got that later? that's BULLSHIT, and you damn well know it!

looking into that child's eyes and talking to them and BEING THEIR MOTHER is probably the best thing a president could have in those tough presidential moments. am i right? does anybody disagree? no? then shut the fuck up and go tell your mother how much you love her! ....and stay the hell off my tv!

photo of popeye-x and his hero in life, at a blast gig, mother's day, 1986



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