drawing by barbara byrd morganthe word "mindless robot" is not in the constitution

From: mr. freedom x 08-09-05

you know, its funny how americans don't seem to comprehend these candidates are running for office... to do a job... anytime you say something about someone, good or bad, if its off the subject of what the job is about, then its not relevant.

"her daughter is a slut!"

what's wrong? do you have a problem reading the constitution? the word "slut" is not in it.

"he supports gay marriage and abortion"

the word "gay" is not in the constitution.
neither is "abortion".

"well, the bible doesn't like it,
and i only agree with the bible"

first amendment: congress shall make no law establishing nor impedeing any religion, nor abridging no religion. the govt is not in the religion business, at all. they make laws and enforce them. that's it.

everyone is different, but we all have the SAME FREEDOMS. that's what its about. americans think we all have to be the same. we all have to obey the law the same, that way, we all have equal freedom to be different... or the same... whatever we want.

maybe its just one person who wants to be a certain way. they have just as much right as any number ofpeople who agree with each other. sameness and difference has nothing to do with it. how else could it be? otherwise, we all couldn't vote, right?

you don't like her daughter being a slut?
don't vote for her. that's your business.

congress can't make a law to force you
to say how you voted, and explain
why you did it. you're free.

lets say youre so stupid and programmed by outer forces, you have no brain of your own at all. guess what? the word "mindless robot" is not in the constitution. it is irrelevant.

its not a popularity contest to see who's the same the most.
its a process to guarantee the right to be what YOU want to be. its about freedom.

remember dr. martin luther king?
he wasn't running for president,
he was running for freedom.

the word "nigger" is not in the constitution.
slavery is abolished in the united states.
that IS in the constitution.
obedience to social ANYTHING is not relevant.
we obey the law. that's it.

stick to that subject, because that's what it is about. otherwise, just shut the fuck up and VOTE! its your right, even if you're wrong! you are free, and you don't have to justify what you choose, what you think, what you say, or what you don't say...



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