it might be FAST... but i'm not

from: it takes me YEARS to get around to anything "new"

and why do i take my time so much? am i lolly-gaggin'? not at all! i;ve hauled -ass to upgrade before... several times... and i always learned the same hard lesson. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" if linux is FAST, that means its FAST to not run my software. so i should get other "free" software that works with linux, right? only one little problem... the software i use would NEVER be invented if there wasn't a monetary return motivating the accomplishment of its existence. unless they start making software, that RUNS ON LINUX, as well as mac, or pc, i really don't have time to be FAST if its stopping me cold. both of my most expensive and useful programs both run on mac or pc. why didn't they also make it run on linux? they could have done it easily. it makes sense, right? it would expand the amount of users... who don't pay. why would someone build a tool and then GIVE it to the people who need it? there's more... in addition to the software, there is hardware i had to buy that works with it, i'm talking about nuts and bolts studio control and signal routing, professional studio grade audio is not free. its not even cheap. its high dollar. you can tell because the places you plug in and out are GOLD PLATED. no, its not just to look like a pimp... the electrical properties of gold are the best you can BUY... not the best you can NOT BUY... there's more... ok, i've already paid the $1000's for the software, and the hardware, the damage is already done. since i've payed as much as i possibly can, and a little more, wouldn't it be totally FAIR if i could use the free stuff ALSO? if anyone deserves it, surely a person who PAID should have the choice, right? but still, there are no linux platform versions available for me to use.. AT ANY PRICE! doesn't that seem a little MEAN to me, the poor schmuck who'll buy anything can't even get a FUCKED UP free version that doesn't even work! but it gets worse, and this is my fault... the main tools i use, the software and the hardware are already OBSOLETE. i've been using one thing for 10 years, the company who made it doesn't even exist any more. and the other software tool i paid over $1400 for has been discontinued... its still there for sale, but it won't be updated or improved any more. that's ok, especially since i STILL haven't even come close to learning how to use this stuff completely. so its ok if i pay thru the nose for obsolete soon to go extinct systems, because its more tool than i can put to use, and i'm talking about a decade of using it on a daily basis... its still WAY WAY over my head... i'll tell you this much... the day i get my hands on some software that runs with my hardware and operates on the linux platform as good as mac or pc is the day i will go get a copy of linux, and TEST THAT SUCKER OUT!!! if figure the geniuses in the industry will know when the time is right, i'll jump on it when they jump on it.



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