Re: San Antonio is full of criminal shitbags and I think I know why

from: sekret admirer

*****DISCLAIMER***** this post is for my evil receptionist. however, since i am asking the public for help, you are allowed to read it. its been almost 2 weeks since ive seen her and im worried. the last time i saw her was a friday night. i just happened to be in the neighborhood so i went by her place to check on her. i heard that some weirdo has been e-mailing her and bothering her, so i just wanted to make sure she was ok. i parked around the corner, and walked up to her bedroom window. the bedside table was on, so the lighting was a little dim. she had her back to the window, but i could see that she was getting ready for bed. she was wearing a robe, and had curlers in her hair. then it happened! she took off her robe and only had a t-shirt on! OH MY GOD, COULD THIS REALLY BE HAPPENING? she reached up to her head and started removing her curlers. one by one. each time she reached up to her head, her t-shirt would rise a little and reveal a little butt-cheek. nice. she had no panties on! OH MY GOD! then, well, she turned off the lamp and climbed into bed. bummer. i could still see a little from the light that was coming from the bathroom. THEN IT HAPPENED! she slowly pulled her t-shirt above her head and discarded it on the floor. OH MY GOD IM HYPERVENTILATING! her breasts seemed kind of saggy, but i didn't mind. then, then she spread her legs just enough to give me a little sneek peek! i tot i taw a puddy-tat. I DID! I DID! OH MY GOD IM GETTING LIGHT HEADED! i guess in my haste i stepped on a branch and startled my evil nudist. she turned on her lamp, jumped to her feet and ran to the window. she peeled back the curtain and AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GRANNY! WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME GRANNY WAS SLEEPING IN YOUR ROOM? OH IM GOING TO BE SICK! granny opened the window and started throwing stuff at me. she threw some kind of liquid at me that smells like vinegar. i think she even threw her teeth at me. i hauled ass out of there. i hope granny is okay. anyhow, i went back to my car and fired up my laptop. i turned on the tracking software for my evil pumpkins vehicle. i drove to where her vehicle was. when i arrived, my evil receptionist was climbing into the truck of "enrique," the pool cleaner. don't do it evil receptionist! DONT DO IT!!! i was too late. enrique peeled out of the parking lot, and i lost sight of his truck. im really worried about my evil receptionist. i think she may be in danger. its possible that enrique is the guy whos been following and stalking my evil buttercup. if anyone sees my evil temptress, please let me know. i have a bad feeling about this. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



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