San Antonio IS the Rio Grande Valley

from: Pig Panic...brought to you by...

So im driving on 410 today trying to get home...just jammin with the radio and being me...this asshole gets behind me and starts riding my ass...so i let it go...he still kept riding my ass, so i sped up and passed the son of a bitch, flipped him off and honked at him...something that a normal person would do in this case...i dunno if this person was on crack or something but they swerved on the road and almost made me hit them...good thing i didn't otherwise i would've stepped out the car and whipped his monkey ass...im glad he didnt cross into my yard...fuckin bastard... fuckin beaners here in town who are always drunk or on something and they are driving...funny thing he made his hand like a gun if he was gonna shoot me...what a faggot...starts waving his hand like hes big shit...so this goes out to all of you fuckers here in san antonio...your mother probably dropped u on ur head when u were a child or an accident from a 6-pack and a broken condom! thus the reason why your such a fucktard when it comes to driving here... another thing im glad fiesta is over! its another excuse for negligent parents to leave their kids somewhere just to go party and act stupid... "kids in the front seat cause accidents, accidents in the backseat cause kids..." think about it u filthy pieces of scum when u go and stick it in because this city is getting to overpopulated with scum like u...niggers, beaners, chinks...etc...same goes to those redneck cousin fucking trailer trash fucks...goddamn quief cookies! At least in Austin there are well educated people, nicer and have more courtesy here than san antonio...people are well off and have careers and arent dropouts like half the population here in town... Thats why San Antonio is so under paid and quality of life sucks balls. So many stupid fucking mexicans here and down south. Like a bunch of cockroaches. Thats why Austin has better wages, better living and whiter people and not to mention badass live entertainment. Not just the tejano bullshit that's here at Grahms Central Station or Joe's Volcano' Just face it. Austin is better and always will be. What the hell does Fat Antonio have to offer? Just like San Fernandux said, all you care about is eating greasyfood and driving drunk. I HOPE YOUR DAUGHTER SUCKS A PIGS DICK, JUST LIKE HER MOTHER, AND MEXICANS PREPARE YOUR FOOD ORDER EVERYWHERE YOU GO TO EAT OUT ASSHOLE, I HOPE THEY DONT WASH THIER HANDS BEFORE THEY HANDLE YOUR FOOD AFTER THEY TAKE A GREASY SHIT. Nobody likes you guys. Swine Flu in your ASS!



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