the best thing
i've ever heard
in my life

i can't seem to get over it

i listen again and again.... surely at some point the illusion will break down and i'll kind of ho hum at the mechanics of it and move on... no, each time i hear it, it just gets better and better... how is this possible? there's only one answer and i know this from years of experience... this is how "the inevitable" sounds, its not "impossible" at all, that's the whole point, isn't it? yes it is. projekct three, recorded live in austin texas 10 years ago (1999) its robert fripp, pat mastelotto, and trey gunn, its all improvised, created live, on the spot. whenever they stop, there is a slight gasp of air, and then the audience responds to what they have just experienced. the album is called "masques" and its by projekct three, one of the 6 king crimson spin-off jam bands. i like #3 the best. this is not only the best "king crimson" i've ever heard, its the BEST ANYTHING i've ever heard. and i still can't believe it... yes, i can! i couldn't not believe it because its un-fucking-believable. i think i'll listen to it again right now.