i DO receive a lot of messages from almost completely naked strangers, dressed in their bedclothes, i'm talking about hot ladies, showing their ass cheeks, and tellin' me how much fun i'm gonna have, if i just give them the secret formula to certain chemical processes that, shall we say, "enhance performance during marathon encounters of the 3-way kind"? i just want you to know, that's all for show, its nothin' but webcook hype, with a little lesbianistic zing tossed in from the velvet folds of bulgarian poontang land. its just promo, like your green slime dishwashing tip so-called "link". it makes me sick, too. it is completely as unacceptible, as it is unnecessary...for you see... and i'm shooting you straight here, lil' darlin', i wash MORE dishes than any man you've ever seen, not only that... honey, i'm the BEST there is. this is just hypothetical, of course, but if you were my baby girl, you'd have ALL your dishes washed for you, whenever you want, as much as you want, as fast or slow as you want, and best of all... done just how you like it done, evil receptionist job, or no evil receptionist job. i work at luby's little child, and i toss salads on a daily basis... into trashcans, bus tubs, and even the garbage gobbling gullets of my mashed potato encrusted colleagues, who are nothing but human cockroaches, waiting for that big can of raid in the sky that's comin' the second you tell me: "yeah, cowboy, ditch these bottomfeeders and let's you and me find a big sink full of hot bubbles we can splash around in a little bit..." be careful what you dish for, your dish is my command, close your eyes and make a dish, i do it all, look what i just brought home! 6 brand new wal-mart stainless steel scrubbers, the round non-scratchy SUPER FAST get it done quick, and get it done right kind. see for yourself, i ain't lyin' little one. i told you i was the best, didn't i?

excuse me... this is about
dishwashing,  is it not?

tips and techniques from a real pro 09-05-13

honey... darlin'... sweet lil' evil receptionist thang... we need to talk a little bit here... is that ok? we can't very well have you getting sick and all upset in your tummy, can we? the internet is filled with fast talkin' quick clickin' websites that are itchin' to fill your sweet little head with false promises, sly innuendos, and misleading sales pitches that are not only confusing, many are downright disgusting. i know what i'm talking about, for you see, i'm what they call a real "professional". i will admit it...