he's no longer fuckable

from: its been too long

after two years, a human body that's been dead and rotting in the ground, or burned to a crisp and sitting as white dust in a sealed jar is no longer fuckable. either way, you just can't rationally FUCK the duke any more. its called being dead, honey child, its not a bad thing really, it comes with the territory. there are other people in here, me for instance, who are NOT dead, not yet. if you're so concerned about whether someone is fuckable, why not divert your attention to a more likely candidate? the duke is not coming back. i wish he was. someone posted just like him the other day, and for a split second it crossed my mind... no... it can't be... can it? has the duke come back to post? if he does, i'll change what i've said here. what the hell. if he can post, he can fuck, right? what do i know? are his current thoughts postable? if the answer is yes, then i think its safe to say he is also fuckable. right now. if you're going to fuck the duke, i suggest you fuck him as soon as possible! who knows how long this condition will persist? if you fuck him soon enough, maybe you could do like that girl suggested to me, you might should go ahead and fuck him twice! i'm sure i would have fucked that girl, at LEAST TWICE, but she made one tiny little mistake. only one. she informed my girlriend that she wanted to fuck me and asked, is that ok with you? of course my girlfriend would never interfere with my sex life, would she? no, so she said, go ahead. then my girlfriend asked me, did so-and-so fuck you? how did i know she would ask me that? i said, no, she did not. well, she wants to, and she would probably be a very hot fuck. (she said that!) yes, dear, i am aware of that. may i be quite honest? she's not the only one. and i am happy to inform you i haven't fucked any of them, either. all she had to do is NOT TELL MY GIRLFRIEND up front! that's all! here's how it works... you talk to ME first, not MY GIRLFRIEND. you don't clear it with her first, and then suggest i fuck you TWICE, ok? the fact is, i won't fuck you at all, am i lying? of course i would love to fuck you, of course! but there is a few kinks in your plan. #1 is MY girlfriend. #2 is YOUR husband, who is also a friend of mine, and was before you even met him. but you don't care, you wanna fuck, you wanna fuck me, and you wanna fuck me twice, once now, and once later when we come back from scoring that bag of weed. and to hell with anyone else, right? especially to hell with someone else who is kinda crucial to the whole plan... who is it? its ME, darlin'. clue: you need to talk to ME about it first. that's right, i'm not your little puppy dog who has to have that pussy, no matter what trouble it causes me, or what it ends up COSTING me. so the bottom line is: i was NOT fuckable, but it wasn't because i wouldn't fuck her silly in a new york minute. i absolutely would, and i still would, to this day. but she doesn't even know it. she thinks i don't want to fuck her. that's not true at all. its just i wasn't FUCKABLE, right then, ok? maybe, if the duke starts posting in here again, maybe she should fuck the duke! if he can post, HE'S FUCKABLE. and that is my point. and if that girl i've been talking about ever reads this post, she'll know who i'm talking about, and she will know loud and clear i am now FUCKABLE! at least TWICE, at the very least! come on, honey, you know who you are... get your ass over here immediately and i will indeed prove it to you. right now. but do you read my posts? no. why? you are no longer FUCKABLE. i'll be goddamned. the story of my life? no, the story of your life, honey, my story has never changed, and it never will. why else would you want to fuck me in the first place? think about it. come over right now, and you can think about it while i'm fucking you! if not, then fuck the duke. oh, you don't know who the duke is... NEVERMIND.



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