Call of Duty

from: ER

Iím guilty of taking for granted where we live. Feeling un-safe here was never even in my mind. Itís really a great neighborhood and my neighbors (although some of them weird) are the best. Today though, Iím angry at the world my neighborhood included. Yesterday afternoon as my daughter and her friend from next door rode bikes on our sidewalk, a white truck pulled along side them. She automatically waved thinking it was her other friends' dad from down the street. The truck stopped and the 3 teens inside told her to ďhold up, hold upĒ as they showed her a gun. She dropped her bike and she and her friend ran inside. She couldnít talk and I hear her other friends screaming at her asking whatís wrong. I hear panic in their voices and run down to the family room with a raw steak still in my hand. There in the chair sat my 9-year-old girl, white as a ghost eyes big as saucers, looking so small and frail. She trembled as she finally got out what had happened and I ran outside. Soon so many people were outside and we all filled each other and the 911 operators in on the events . As I glanced down the street there it sat. Surrounded by teenage boys all dressed in red to represent their little ďgangĒ. The police cars rounded the corner and at the sight of them 3 of the boys grabbed shit and said something to the rest of the group before they took off on foot. (The kids that stayed were ticketed for pot and let go.) It wasnít long before K-9 units were called in and the police helicopter was overhead looking for these little bastards that took what everyone said was the rest of the drugs and who knows what weapons. Two neighbors and I - feeling like we were more capable of finding them than trained professionals who possess helicopters and dogs, also set off on a search, while grandpa Bill and Bob stayed and stood guard outside my house filled with children, mine and many others. You can say what a dumb idea that is and you can tell me how being a vigilante isnít okay. Youíd be wasting your damn breath too. If I would have found one of those little son of a bitches, I can guarantee you that the police could go on break and just call in the morgue pickup. No, we didnít find them. And, no my daughter is not okay. None of them are. Theyíre all scared and all night were afraid of every noise. Afraid that they were back and here to retaliate. She broke down into a piles of sobs and shakes one time. So brave sheíd been for the hours leading up to that point. As I held her and she melted, I got so much more pissed. My little girl ? MY LITTLE GIRL ? You stupid spineless little pieces of shit. You tainted her. She will never trust human kind again the way she did when she woke up yesterday morning. All because you want to feel like you belong to something bigger in the world. Maybe your mommy and daddy didnít love you. But maybe they did. Maybe you were their "sunshine" and you are too stupid to see that. None of that matters now though. What matters is you fucked with the wrong Mama. You may be a city ďgangĒ with all your little guns you donít even know who to operate and red shirts that you arenít even smart enough to launder correctly and your little girlfriends think youíre just so badass because of those things. You may also think you really are a gang just because you say you are. But lemme tell you something. Iím from the country. Iím from where a beat down isnít to get you into a gang but to get you to stay the fuck away from shit. Iím from a place that it doesnít make a shit difference what color your shirt is or even if you have one on, if youíre my people and someone messes with you or yoursÖ..shit is gonna go down. Iím gonna tell you something else. I know who you all are now. And, it might not be tonight but maybe it will, I will find you. Whenever the time I will get what I think you deserve for this.



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