popeye-x lectures in #zappateers about freedom

from: a know-it-all texan who loves the noize 09-08-23

[21:50] <+popeye-x> europeans are... just not texans.... they don't wear cowboy hats... nor boots.... they all wanna be like people from california.... (see * below)
[21:51] <+popeye-x> i'm not saying they're sub-human... but let's just say, they aren't even yankees... know what i'm sayin'?
[21:52] <+popeye-x> now in texas, you can call me a motherfucker, steal my money, steal my wife, fuck me in the ass, etc.... but don't call me a "yankee"... that's below the belt
[21:53] <+popeye-x> them's fightin' words
[21:56] <+popeye-x> i know this guy... his name is bill... he's a known street character on my street... he wears a cowboy hat and boots with his pants tucked down in the boots, he's 82, as he says he "talks in circles" bill is great, he sees me, flags me down, he likes me, i'm sort of a street character myself... bill will be talking about his friends "ol' so-and-so did this, did that..." then he says "he was on guadacanal"
[21:57] <+popeye-x> europeans don't seem to have ANY respect for things like americans who were "on guadacanal"
[21:58] <+popeye-x> another guy bill talks about was "at okinawa"
[21:59] <+popeye-x> at the battle of okinawa, american forces were attacked by over 2000 kamikazies
[22:00] <+popeye-x> every five fucking minutes
[22:02] <+popeye-x> of course, all of this was in defense of something called "american freedom", a worthy cause, certainly when you consider it made possible the existence of many wonderful things we have today, like the music of frank zappa
[22:03] <+popeye-x> no freedom = no zappa
[22:07] <+popeye-x> when i see happy zappateers in germany having the times of their lives, i can't help but see the link between my concept of american freedom and this wonderful gift we have called music
[22:08] <+popeye-x> i know i am politically arcane and obsolete, i'm like ol' bill, just walking around "talking in a circle"
[22:09] <+popeye-x> frank zappa would probably say i'm full of shit, that's cool
[22:10] <+popeye-x> he would probably say zappanale is ripping him off
[22:11] <+popeye-x> whatever
[22:12] <+popeye-x> i will definiteely tip my cowboy hat to the europeans for having the love of music they have
[22:12] <+popeye-x> especially the frank
[22:13] <+popeye-x> europe has a great tradition of music, and europeans love music, and they are very sophisticated
[22:15] <+popeye-x> before we totally trash texans for being country hicks, please keep in mind, most of the year bad doberman is dedicated to festivals of what?
*(drunken krauts trying to imitate willie nelson and merle haggard... wearing boots and hats!)
[22:16] <+popeye-x> but that's good... :) it makes the zappa possible
[22:18] <+popeye-x> end of lecture :P



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