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is death inevitable? gora 04-16-69
from the atheistic point of view, how do you explain creation? gora 01-14-71
sacred cows popeye-x 09-11-13
where did god come from? carl sagan 09-11-12
Re: where did god come from? 09-11-15
i never heard it put quite that way popeye-x 09-11-16
my meteoric rise from nowhere to the teen canteen if 666 was 911 ::: 09-11-11
Re: my meteoric rise from nowhere to the teen canteen N.F. 09-11-21
science has far surpassed religion in delivering awe carl sagan 09-11-10
horse fucked by a christian woman at a homeless shelter popeye-x 09-11-06
modern evolutionary synthesis wikipedia 09-11-02
pat condell - atheist stand-up comedy via internet video this motherfucker is great 09-10-18
setting, and resetting, the irc channel topic in #x, on irctoo who else? 09-10-14
DNA doesn't care richard dawkins 09-10-06
download your obscure stockhausen right here popenzie eksch 09-10-05
XCSSA xcssa 09-09-28
ok, thanks! walkin' in popeye-x's footsteps 09-09-29
Re: ok, thanks! XCSSA 09-10-19
if it comes back, i will have to kill it possum ranger 09-09-20
king crimson albums, 1969-1974 deductive reasoning combined with blind chicken guess-timation 09-09-13
??? who WAS whom? 09-09-09
creepy phil a neighbor complained children were living in a complex of tents in his backyard 09-08-29
a TOTAL ignoramus sam logic strikes again 09-08-24
the big beer bang sam harris quote 09-08-24
popeye-x lectures in #zappateers about freedom a know-it-all texan who loves the noize 09-08-23
Dreammm, that weird san francisco girl from the 90's krystyn, aka dreammm 09-08-04
that's insane! i was just thinking about you yesterday! or was it just a dreammm about an unforgettable tadpole? 09-08-04
mahavishnu notation now available in one giant .zip file i don't trust those external sites to always be there 09-08-02
i see this as a business where i'm the boss, and you don't even work here dr. popeye-x 09-06-29
banana musings of the beatnik kind by conzo 09-06-22
Amphetamine recipe cobs1000@hotmail.com 09-04-26
I can't find it on your site. no shit? 09-05-03
neither can the cops so where is it? 09-05-03
caligula cap 09-04-22
thanks for clearing that up by the way, that was no friend... that was ME! 09-05-03
Amphetamine Me 09-04-06
that was cocaine, not speed drug addict 09-04-13
POD X3!!! Slayfoot 09-03-24
wow, i forgot about this page the good ol' days 08-11-18
suzi ingram has her own website now called www.suzi-ingram.com webmaster-x 08-04-11
please don't fuck up this beautiful specimen of web-bastardizing webmaster-x 11 Apr 2008
Re: please don't fuck up this beautiful specimen of web-bastardizing Conzo 09-06-22
wtf is a gherkin? spreak engritch! 09-06-23
I know that bike Conzo 09-06-24
what about this one? popeye-x 09-06-28
Re: what about this one? Conzo 09-07-03
alright! i just got another red schwinn! under $65 09-08-03